Animals And Humans Getting Along Photos

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  • Noëlle

    Aww, too neat! 🙂

    Noëlle @ Aspen Valley Services

  • Dani Q

    These disgust me.

    • ……

      you disgust me

    • Kit Kat

      you can’t just enjoy humans and animals enjoying eachother in a good way? Real mature you are

    • Sam

      What a fucking prick you are. You dont and shouldnt have a reason for these to disgust you. Photo’s of animals that we co-exist with, its a beautiful thing to have so much contact with them and you should appreciate that. You’re one of those people who at a party you’d babble a load of shit and i’d yawn, stare down at my drink and announce to you that im going to get another drink as this one is empty then spend the rest of the night avoiding you like you was a person who finds photos of animals and hu………oh wait. Knobhead.

      • greg

        LOL, this guy just trolled all of you crybaby drama queens. Welcome to the internet, next page.

        Maybe ANOTHER page of stolen photos with no credit, full of idiots that cry about a comment.

        • Taylor

          haha Libtards, yall are too funny

        • TM

          haha, Libtards, yall are too funny

    • Agreed

      I agree…exotic pets are disgusting! They are not meant to be held in unsuitable environments, such as someones home and backyard. They are meant to be in the wilds, and we need to start seeing these types of things as a negative in order to keep them from going extinct.
      Although these pictures are pretty, the actions of exotic pet owners are causing a lot of problems for the animals! Hince, if you love animals, you would learn to co-exist with them via letting them live their lives the way they’re supposed to be lived. Not co-exist by control and manipulation.
      But beautiful pictures non-the-less

      • CBRO

        You know who disgusts me…all of you who are bashing this guy for having an opinion. I think all of you need to learn how to read because what he is saying is that yeah some of these pictures are nice…but that doesn`t mean that the animals find it to be just as pretty as we think it is. People are taking animals out of their natural habitats for their own amusement, but that does not mean that the animal will benefit. If you are a true animal lover, you are happy enough letting them stay in their habitat…not keeping them in cages and on chains so we can have the benefits of getting good pictures. It`s amazing how we have someone that finally says the truth and points out the faults with the human population, and all of you say that you are disgusted by it!!!! COME TO REALITY!!!! We are the only species that will make another species suffer for our own pleasure, it`s time someone finally is bringing rational points up to all of you social defects. Thanks guy who posted the original comment. much appreciated

  • Jammy

    13 didnt look like they were “getting along”

    • karen

      that’s true.

  • wow this is lovely,animal and human are getting along.

  • amazing friends photos

  • Caleb

    Not really sure you can be “Friendly” with a Great White Shark.

  • not all of these were a display of affection or even getting along, but the ones that did were awesome!

  • Rae

    26 is a “koala-tea” photo!

  • Rae

    26 is a “koala-tea” photo.

  • craftycristian

    Nice 🙂

  • Taylorang

    Wild animals are just THAT. While some of these photos are amazing and beautiful…we should always remember that you should NEVER keep a wild animal as a PET. The photo of the BEAR on a leash in in the city is awful. And we should not forget that “The Crocodile Hunter” DIED because he got to close to a wild animal…why don’t people understand that such creatures should be appreciated, but at a distance?

    • Kassi

      Although I agree with your point, wild animals should be in the wild, you do not know the story behind the bear on the leash. Perhaps there is a rescue story or something behind it. I do not think he went into the forest and stole a bear.

      • xoxostfuxoxo

        Wild animals are being called ‘Wild’ animals for a reason. Nature is their home. Freedome is their way of life, in the wild. they shouldn’t be caged just for humans contanminated way to entertain themselves.

        There is no room for even discussing about it in my opinion.

  • O gosh these are freaking awesome!

  • Judy Salerno

    I personally appreciate the photographs. A couple I questioned in my mind, like the little girl with the monkey, but I too realize that there is a story behind every photograph and I wish there was some of it attached to each one. Thank you for your time in posting.

  • really cool

  • Each & every entry has a story to tell the world. Wonderful compositions, liked it!

  • Paul

    Alright lets not be naive people. Yes wild animals and people make for good photos. Be cautious people. If you think an actual wild animal is gonna play by your rules in the wild then your on your own and good luck. No one wants to be the idiot who fell into the tiger cage and being the butt end of a Katt Williams joke later. Or worse be someone like Steve Irwin getting taken out by one of the most docile creatures on the planet. Only 30 people have been known to have ever died from a Stingray and Steve Irwin was one them. That was a lesson for humanity. Most of these animals in the photos have likely had increased human contact compared to what would constitute a wild animal in the wild. Because remember if poeple live there is it really the wild? Every one of those tiger photos minus maybe 13 were probably tigers at a sanctuary or something. Probably been fed by people for half their meals. Getting along……yeah in a lot of them especially if the animal is a baby or a turtle or something. # 28 with the great white shark….yeah those poeple are insane in my book. Nature is not finding Nemo especially with a Great White. Just basically the greatest killing machine alive on the planet from millions of years of evolution since the dinosaurs. You best respect and recognize that. I would like to see what happened like 3 seconds after some of these shots.

  • Nat

    This is sad because the more used to people animals get, the more they trust them and over the past few years poaching has been at it’s highest. One day you might be taking pictures with some elephant in the wild, next day to find its dead corps on the ground with its tusks unattached.

  • Cute photos! Love them!

  • Aleah

    for all you idiots screaming about how wrong it is to take these animals out of their natural habitats…how naive are you? Most all of these animals are still IN their natural habitats…the monkeys and elephants are in their natural habitat. they also just cohabitate with people that are from their natural habitat. it is more common is 3rd world or “off from society villages” to be more in touch with their nature. The ocean pictures are deep sea divers, and the big cat pictures are big cat rescue reserves….that are as close to their natural environment as they can mimic..most of these animals were wounded or taken out of their own environment by people that were stupid enough tot hink they could keep them as pets. the bat picture, lives in the wild. that guy gives him fruits every once in awhile and antacid tablets because he discovered that he has acid reflux. so stfu and stop whining and just enjoy the pictures.

  • Anonymous

    18,33 are the best.

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