When it comes to al ain, it is considered to be one of the beautiful green cities of the UAE, there is no doubt about the fact that how much charm and beauty this city has. If you want a unique and different experience while in the Emirates you should have al ain city tour for sure. Specifically, this city is given the name of a garden city since it is filthy rich with enormous green gardens all over giving a reason to admire. It is basically situated near the border of Oman and is mountain-backed. Before booking for the al ain city tour get to know some whereabouts so you can enjoy your journey throughout.

HOW does IT start?

Once you’ve booked for the al ain city tour get yourself prepared be punctual since the coach arrives at exact timings near the hotel. On the way to the al ain city, you’re going to witness the huge desert and its never-ending beauty leaving you speechless. Oh but wait you have to hold your breath for the al ain city tour since its no less than any other city in the UAE.


These creatures are the heart of the desert and hold a lot of significance for the people residing in this desert region. If you get to visit this market bond with the camels and feed them if possible because of its so much fun. I guess not only al ain city tour but every tour in the UAE is not completed without camels in it. Don’t forget to click some memorable pictures for with the permission of the traders.


The al ain city tour consists of the famous and very ancient museum over here. Once you reach you will get to see an adjoining fortress with the museum which is pretty fascinating. When you get into the museum it portrays the Beduion culture and lifestyle which is very interesting to watch. If you walk a few minutes from the al ain museum you will find dates garden which is phenomenal and the watering system is so old that it is surprising to know it still works the same.


The next stop of the al ain city tour is this magnificent museum which was once home to the ruler of the UAE. You can expect the highness and the essence of culture at this beautiful palace which will leave you astonished.


This is the most interesting of all locations in the al in city tour since you witness the aerial view of the extraordinary huge yet breathtaking desert. This mountain is considered to be the second highest in the UAE and the view is worth coming for the al ain city tour. You get to take pictures at every spot then have lunch with a beautiful mountain and desert view.

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