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“SHREDTOPIA” is the new movie coming out from the Shredbots this year. The crew keeps building, with new additions continuing to build on the idea that anyone can be a Shredbot. Focusing on good times all over, the bots travel to new spots only to realise that when you’re strapped in and having fun with the crew, you forget where you are anyways, its All “Shredtopia” to us. Enjoy! – Shred Bots

Malé is the magical capital of an incredible chain of islands floating a few hours south of India in the Indian Ocean. You might think, what’s there to skate then? Well, it just so happens the island of Malé happens to offer some gnarly boat skating if you’re willing to risk a soggy board. Nick Garcia, Korah Gayle, Nick Boserio, Jordan Trahan had no concern of this, and Patrik Wallner was there to catch every moment.