February 24, 2024

Over the last couple of years, thanks to the pandemic, Thanksgiving celebrations have looked a little different. If you’re wondering what you can do this year, it’s possible to give thanks and enjoy the company of loved ones by trying one of the following ideas. 

  1. Collect donations for a food pantry: Food pantries continue to be in demand. Help brighten another family’s  Thanksgiving by collecting canned goods or monetary donations.  
  2. Host a wine-swapping party: Hold a wine-swapping party with your friends rather than the traditional Friendsgiving dinner. Participants get to draw names and then ship their recipient a bottle of wine for them to enjoy on Thanksgiving.  
  3. Send care packages: If you’ve got relatives you can’t see for the holiday, show them that you’re thinking of them with a thoughtful care package.  
  4. Schedule a virtual celebration: Virtual parties became very popular, but there is no reason to stop having them just because restrictions have been lifted. If you’re not able to get together with family and friends, hold a Zoom virtual celebration instead. 
  5. Have brunch together: Shake things up a little this year and organize a Thanksgiving brunch rather than dinner. Encourage people to bring their favorite dishes along and plan some fun activities for the afternoon.  
  6. Hold your own Turkey Trot: Never heard of a Turkey Trot? It’s typically a 5K race and a Thanksgiving tradition for many families. Plot a route, dress in festive attire, and walk or run around your neighborhood.   
  7. Do arts and crafts: Young and old love crafting so combine it with your celebrations. Make sure you’ve got plenty of construction paper, feathers, leaves, and other decorations. Let your imagination go wild  
  8. Organize a family football game: Football is a traditional pastime for Thanksgiving so why not gather friends and family for a friendly competition?  
  9. Dine alfresco: Holding a small outdoor event is a creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Make sure you go all out with the decorations and learn how to give a proper Thanksgiving toast.  
  10. Send meals to your loved ones: Do you have elderly loved ones you can’t be with this Thanksgiving? Make their day brighter by arranging a contactless food delivery. You might be able to order a special Thanksgiving meal or a takeout from their favorite restaurant.  
  11. Go hiking: This suggestion might be weather-permitting, but it’s a great way of working up an appetite on Thanksgiving. Head out with your family, but don’t forget to pack snacks and plenty of water. Start your hike in the morning and you’ll still have time to cook a turkey when you get home.   
  12. Start a journal: Journaling is a way of helping reduce stress, cope with depression, and manage anxiety. It’s a good habit to start on Thanksgiving because it’s the time of year when you should be thinking about being grateful. All Things Hair has some useful tips on how you can get yours started.   

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