June 24, 2024

Half of the year has come and gone. While it might seem a little too early to start searching for Christmas light installation near me via the web, it is never too soon to start planning. Before you know it, it’s already Thanksgiving and all professional Christmas light installation companies are fully-booked for the holidays.

Here are a few tips to help you get started for this year’s holiday light installation:

1 – Start Early!

As mentioned before, waiting until the holiday rush to find Christmas light installation near me is a bad idea, especially if you want to get the lights installed professionally.

2 – Be Specific With Your Design Plans

Another advantage of booking a professional Christmas lights installer is having their design expertise. The more time you have to plan and design, the more likely your vision will come to life when the holidays arrive.

3 – Inspect The Wires

External installations are exposed to harsh weather conditions which can make the wires brittle. Before installing any holiday lights, always check that the wires are in excellent condition to avoid accidents.

4 – Don’t Overload Sockets

Even if it seems easier to plug all the lights into one socket, don’t! This can overload the socket and cause a fire to break out.

5 – Stay Safe On Rooftops

When it comes to decorating the roof, leave it to the pros. Christmas light installation experts have the necessary safety equipment to ensure no one gets injured when decorating the rooftop.

6 – Don’t Over-Do It!

You don’t want to be the tacky house in the neighborhood with flashy holiday lights that are too much to look at. Design the installation well and stick to classier choices this year.

7 – Turn It Off

It is nice to admire the lights at night, but it is nicer to be considerate. Turn off all Christmas lights no later than 10 PM so that your neighbors don’t get annoyed.

8 – Watch For Overheating

A good reason to switch off the lights regularly is to avoid overheating. Christmas lights can overheat quickly when clumped together which can cause a fire. Avoid this by switching off the lights when it becomes too warm.

9 – Secure The Lights

Holiday lights can get tangled and fall from there placement. Make sure to fasten and secure each string to prevent accidents, especially for homes with young children and pets.

10 – Don’t Install Too Soon

Although there isn’t a specific date on when holiday lights should go up, it is common courtesy to wait until after Thanksgiving to set up the Christmas lights.

11 – Holiday Maintenance

The holiday season stretches out for more than a month which means your exterior lights will require some maintenance at least once. Work closely with the professional installers so that they can maintain the lights all season long so they look just as bright and beautiful as the day they were installed.

12 – Uninstall The Lights

Schedule an appropriate date for taking down the lights with the professionals. It is best to do this after New Years because you do not want to be the neighbor with lights well into February.
Christmas light installation should be fun and not a burden. If you’re looking for Christmas light installation near me, contact Holiday Light Installers of Chicago today!