May 18, 2024

There’s nothing more reliable than kitchen towels or tissue paper from Singapore, especially for household and personal hygiene. We use kitchen towels to wipe down dirty tables, clean kitchen areas after use, and wipe clean dishes dry. We use tissue paper for personal hygiene, such as taking off makeup or wiping after urinating. However, wiping down surfaces isn’t the only use for either of these products. Here are three ways to make the most of your tissue paper and kitchen towel in Singapore.

3 Uses of Paper Towels

  • Besides cleaning your table after dinner, paper towels are best known for their food preservation. Prevent your leafy greens from going bad by storing a moist paper towel from Singapore alongside them. It keeps your greens crisp without making them rot. You can also make hard bread soft again by wrapping a slightly wet paper towel around it and microwaving it.
  • You can strain grease from the broth by letting the broth run through a few layers of paper towels. The paper towels will catch it all, leaving clear broth in your bowl. You’ll never need to remove oil from broths with a spoon again.
  • While a kitchen towel from Singapore can fix microwave messes, it can also prevent them. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel when heating a liquid, such as soup. Fluids tend to explode in the microwave if it gets too hot, but paper towels can prevent that!

3 Uses of Tissue Paper

  • While tissue paper from Singapore has less innovative uses than a paper towel, it’s also far more decorative! If you need decorations for a dinner party, you can fold pieces of tissue paper into origami and place them on each plate. It makes for cute and cheap party decorations.
  • Facial tissue from Singapore is soft. This quality makes them an ideal choice for protecting delicate objects. If you’re gift wrapping a fragile item for a friend, you can fill the box with tissue paper. It acts as decoration and protection during travel.
  • If you garden or grow your fruits and vegetables, you know how good compost is for your plants. Putting your used tissue paper in the compost bin provides a good filling for your plants’ compost. You would also be doing your part in recycling biodegradable waste.

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