September 26, 2023

There’s no doubt that large mirrors improve the luxury and ambiance of any bathroom. They make the room feel more spacious and allow you to freely engage in a little self-pampering. When it comes to bathroom mirrors, the bigger, the better!

The unframed standard glass that is commonly installed in far too many bathrooms looks like unfinished business. Unlike other items in your home, they just lack definition. Your windows, doors, and pictures are most likely framed in some fashion. Even most floors are surrounded by baseboard. That edging tends to make these home décor items look complete. That being said, consider these three reasons why you deserve framed bathroom mirrors.

1. Framed Bathroom Mirrors are an Upgrade

Whether your bathroom mirror suffers those little clips that show around the edges or is secured from behind, leaving it blank all around, defining that mirror remains one of the most cost-effective bathroom upgrades possible. If you consider the price tag of new sinks, bathtubs, shower and floor tiling against the modest cost of mirror framing, the upgrade is wallet-friendly. We all want our home to look and feel its best. We also want to not burst our home improvement budget. Framing your bathroom mirror is a winning upgrade.

2. Framing Ties the Bathroom Together

Mirrors secured over the lovely vanity you selected to enhance the bathroom are like a lost puppy without a frame. They are just wondering around that wall. Decorating goals generally include bringing all the elements in a room together. You selected paint colors to match and flow with the vanity, sink, toilet, flooring, and bathtub. In hindsight, the missing mirror frame was something of an oversight.

By selecting an appropriate mirror frame, you can finalize the décor by tying it together with the other select aspects of the bathroom. It’s almost odd that too many bathrooms are designed without framed mirrors. When you really stop and think about it, you probably put more thought into the floor rug!

3. Mirror Frames Reflect Your Taste

Many homeowners believe that the style of their living space should be a reflection of their own personal taste. In practical terms, you select wall coloring, furniture and decorative items that make the space feel uniquely cozy. The last thing anyone wants is to live in a sterile environment or one that contradicts your lifestyle and sense of taste. The same holds true for bathrooms.

A quality bathroom space should be as stylistically personal as your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Although each space enjoys a different functional use, the common thread is a complete visual expression. The wide variety of molding and color options allow homeowners to create a complete visual experience. Simply put, framed bathroom mirrors are the final touch you deserve.

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