June 14, 2024

Video content is one of the most influencing assets for driving more audience or sales. Well-made video content, regardless of the platform you choose to stream and unveil it, has the power to capture the attention and create a perception for your target audience in a short period.

Video production in Singapore is a great success since the audience has a short attention span. Most of the time, viewers can retain 90{349ed8d8a57edfeb5ac72e95180cc3fb6904e7d9231c91bfd8d77d3c7d2f15ac} or more information when watching a video, while reading written content can only account for below 50{349ed8d8a57edfeb5ac72e95180cc3fb6904e7d9231c91bfd8d77d3c7d2f15ac} retention rate. If you’re aiming to produce a top-notch video production that drives more views, here are tips you can follow:

1. Plan out everything

Think about the main message and concept for the video. Afterwards, create a storyboard, write a script and then have a shot list for the filming process. If you want all the tools ready, you can always opt for a video or virtual production in Singapore. They are worth an investment, especially if you’re an independent producer.

2. Be original and don’t take shortcut routes

Whether you’re producing PSA content or going for a virtual AGM in Singapore, the concept for your project should at least be original. While it’s inevitable to find inspiration for empowering your creative force, you should never attempt to ‘copy and paste’ everything. Find out what tickles your audience and ensure that no other firm or brand has covered your idea and angle.

3. Keep things short but straightforward

Simplicity is always the best and safest way to make your content and video production stand out. Simplicity and shortness are the new kings when producing content, be it a written publication, a streaming video, podcast or webinar. Remember that audiences don’t like to wait and hate doing guesswork, especially in a video format. You have to deliver the message directly and keep things interesting while maintaining simplicity.

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