March 5, 2024

Virtual meetings are not a novel notion. People have been calling into meetings through the conference room phone for decades, whether it is clients or satellite offices. The advancement in technology through innovation has made it possible to conduct virtual meetings through video conferencing. However, a laptop screen is too small for everyone to view, and the camera is too narrow to catch the entire table. Hence, it may be time to invest in video conferencing equipment for your Singapore office. The following are the four benefits such advanced software will offer you and your team.

#1 Makes Meetings More Engaging

It can be easy to lose concentration and allow your mind to wander when you cannot see who you are conversing with in the conference call. Getting video conferencing equipment for your Singapore office lets you and your staff see everyone on the call. Virtual eye contact encourages participants to talk more. Conferencing software allows teams to exchange presentations and images during a meeting, keeping everyone involved in the dialogue.

#2 Improves Virtual Communication

Most find it challenging to communicate and work with someone they have not met and seen. Fortunately, video conferencing is more intimate and personal than a phone conversation. A video conference through technologies like the Huawei Ideahub will help your staff feel more connected to other departments or clients. Moreover, better business relationships are frequently the result of sturdier friendships.

#3 Cuts Back Travel Expenses

Many firms send employees weekly or monthly trips to meet clients at branch offices or abroad. If your company frequently attends meetings in other countries, using high-quality video conferencing equipment and systems in your Singapore business can help you save money on travel expenses. You may collaborate with peers worldwide in minutes.

#4 Straightforward Sharing of More Information

Video conferencing lets you quickly share your screen with hundreds of users, whether you are looking at statistics or training new employees. You will begin the call face-to-face with an HD camera and 360-degree microphone. Afterwards, you may transition to displaying a PowerPoint, spreadsheet, or video to guide everyone through the content. Some video conferencing equipment in Singapore can allow someone else to share their screen halfway through the conference. It lets users exchange their materials wirelessly in seconds.

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