June 20, 2024

Polycarbonate sheets, which have numerous advantages over other materials like glass and acrylic, are in high demand today. It is well-known for various reasons, including its long life, resistance to UV rays, low weight, and fire resistance. If you’ve decided to use polycarbonate as a roofing material, you’ll need to know some appropriate installation tips from a roof specialist in Singapore and what else you should keep in mind as you do so.

Here are a few pointers for putting up a polycarbonate roof.

1. Drill the holes in advance.

The polycarbonate sheets should have all of their screw holes pre-drilled. Drilling ahead of time is essential for your safety as well as your roofing contractor in Singapore, as it will prevent you both from handling electrical equipment on the roof. You can also keep the sheets in place while drilling. Attaching the polycarbonate sheets is a breeze if you put the holes precisely where you want them.

2. Make sure the anti-UV side is facing the sun.

Ensure that the UV-protected side of the polycarbonate roof in Singapore is facing the sun when installing it. Incorrect installation can lead to discolouration and shorten the life of the sheet, which has only one UV-resistant side. Check the wind direction as well, and place the sheets accordingly.

3. Allow some space allowance.

When the weather changes, polycarbonate roofing in Singapore changes shape. Because of this, you must make allowances for thermal variations while installing, or your roof will buckle.

4. Choose the right thickness of your roof.

Insulation is an important consideration when building a new home. Multiwall polycarbonate with a thicker thickness may be required, depending on the amount of additional heating in the room. Polycarbonate sheets come in various thicknesses to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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