June 20, 2024

Gone are the days when play was considered to be harmful to studies. Today it has been proved scientifically that it’s in fact beneficial for studies.

Today almost every toy and every type of play are being scientifically studied and their benefits for kids’ physical and mental health are being revealed.

An important one among these toys is the slide. This toy may look simple but has some prominent benefits and therefore it’s so popular among children for years.

Here are some major benefits of slides.

1. Physiological Benefits

Several researchers propose that it’s important to nurture an internal or intrinsic urge for doing something. Playing on a slide indicates that the child is intrinsically driven to exercise.

The best part is that the child won’t consider sliding as a workout but as an act of play. She will feel happy while sliding down because of the adrenaline rushing from her vesicular system.

This has excellent physical benefits such as increased strength, development of lean muscles and a healthy cardiovascular system.

2. Coordination and Spatial Awareness

A slide is not just for sliding down. Its kinematics works in several areas.

For example, to reach the top of a slide, the child has to climb a ladder. This boosts spatial awareness, coordination, and balance because kids should judge the distance between the rungs of the ladder and step on them exactly while holding the sides in order to avoid falling.

After reaching the top of the slide, they have to change their position and be ready to slide down. Also, while sliding down they have to think ahead to decide when to put their feed down upon reaching the bottom.

All these actions help strengthen the part of the brain that is used in learning directions, balance, an order of things, and other math and writing processes.

3. Learning Social Skills

Whether it’s a public garden slide or a slide in your backyard as you may shop for a swing and slide set at Step2 Direct, children don’t tend to play on the slide alone.

When multiple kids play on the slide, they develop social skills in many ways. They have to wait patiently everywhere i.e. to climb the ladder and sliding down, till other children before they finish.

They take pleasure in playing together and sharing. They also observe other kids and notice if they have something better which they can copy.

Also, they make a lot of friends and develop communication skills.

Thus a child learns almost all the social skills including patience, tolerance, sharing, taking turns, appreciating and respecting others, communication and making friends.

4. Motor and Sensory Experiences

Kids’ minds develop due to the sensory experiences they get and motor activities they perform on garden slides.

Brain development during the first five years of life is particularly important and kids undergo this development by exercising their sensory and motor skills by using slides and other types of playground equipment.

The more they use such playground equipment, the more brain-neural connections they build.

So, don’t think twice when you plan to purchase a children’s slide at Step2 Direct. Buy one and help your children’s development.