September 30, 2023

In certain circumstances, individuals may prefer car leasing in Singapore. However, spotting the best lease and getting it is a matter of selecting a car that holds high leverage value. Getting the best lease isn’t easy, and even experienced car owners can have a hard time getting the best lease car in Singapore.

Here are tips on how you can get the very best car lease:

1. Select a car that can hold its value

If you plan to rent a car, you need to know that you are also paying for its tax, depreciation value, plus interests and other fees that come with renting. If you aim to get the best possible renting/lease deal, you need to look for a car with a high residual value. Residual value means the value of a vehicle after your lease term is over.

2. See if there are leasing specials.

Whether you’re planning for a short or long term car rental, many dealers are trying to move up the competition by offering leasing specials. Many leasing specials have significantly lower interest rates and reduced monthly payments by adjusting the leasing formula. If you want a decent rental car in Singapore, see if these leasing specials don’t have drive-off fees.

3. Obtain a quote from the dealer.

Many people who plan to rent a car in Singapore will sometimes neglect to acquire a quote from a dealer. Once you have determined the car you liked to lease, consider contacting your local car lease dealer for the quote through their website or email. If you have obtained the quote, you can ask for the best possible sales price for the car.

4. Compare deals with invoice price.

If you want to get better deals at a car rental (even if you have obtained the quote/s with different dealers for the same car), don’t stop your search yet. It might be tricky to find the best deals by comparing, but you can do this by looking at the invoice price. The invoice price is the initial price the manufacturer would charge the dealer.

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