July 22, 2024

Starting a new endeavour is quite daunting because of the unfamiliarity, especially if you’re naturally shy. For instance, when thinking about making small talk or mingling with strangers, it may hinder you from trying new things in life. That’s why teachers or educators must possess qualities that can help their students build confidence.

So, if you want to try belly dancing classes in Singapore, here are the qualities your dance instructor should show to help you come out of the shell.

1) Respects Everyone

A reliable belly dance instructor does not show favouritism to students because it can make them feel more insecure. Your dance teacher should respect everyone regardless of their background, skills, status. After all, a welcoming community will bring out the best in you.

2) Makes You Feel Comfortable

There are many reasons why people join a belly dance class in Singapore. Maybe they want to lose weight or gain more confidence. For this reason, the belly dance instructor should make you feel comfortable and not judge the way you look, act, or dress.

3) Passion for Dance

A passionate belly dance instructor can also influence you to do better! The dance instructor will show enthusiasm about dance and teaching that can inspire you to improve each session. Plus, you’ll learn many techniques and tips when dancing.

4) Approachable

When attending belly dance classes for the first time, you may have many questions to ask your instructor. For this reason, the belly dance instructor should be approachable and help you understand more about belly dancing. With this, you can learn more about the art and history of the dance.

5) Supportive to Your Progress

Most importantly, a belly dance instructor should be supportive of your progress with each session. Your instructor should give constructive feedback and help you understand the areas you need to improve. As such, you can be more confident in your dancing skills.

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