April 18, 2024

Shawarma is a dish from Middle Eastern cuisine, usually cooked with lamb, beef, chicken, veal, or a mix between these four types of meat. Also, it is combined with a wide array of legumes, while all this composition is wrapped in a flatbread seasoned with spices. During the past years, this dish became famous worldwide due to its one of a kind taste and its numerous health benefits. Read on to find out what are the top scientific health benefits of shawarma. 

What are the scientifically proven health benefits of shawarma?

1. Shawarma is rich in Vitamin A

Since this dish features a multitude of ingredients, it is a significant source of Vitamin A. research shows that shawarma offers a considerable amount of this essential vitamin, which is excellent for improving the immune system, along with bettering vision health.

2. Shawarma is rich in Vitamin B6

Another health benefit of shawarma is related to its high content of vitamin B6. This dish offers a balanced amount of Vitamin B6, and it is essential for bettering the health of our nervous system. Studies show that besides improving brain functionality, it can lower stress or depression symptoms.

3. Shawarma is rich in Vitamin C

It seems that the unique composition of shawarma offers a high nutritional intake, especially a high dose of Vitamin C. Research suggests that this can help prevent colds or even shield the body against viruses or bacteria.

4. Shawarma is a folic acid source

Regularly, it is very challenging to get the recommended intake of folic acid. But scientists suggest that shawarma can be a good source for this nutrient. Its composition features all sorts of legumes, which feed the body the proper amount of folic acid. This can prevent cancer, and can even shield the kidneys against health problems.

5. Shawarma is a good iron source

Depending on the type of shawarma you eat, you might receive a significant amount of iron. This mineral is necessary for carrying oxygen in the blood. Moreover, it is responsible for a wide array of bodily functions, which is why iron deficit can result in severe health issues, such as iron insufficiency anemia.

Overall, shawarma has many other advantages to offer, besides those five health benefits of shawarma. First of all, it represents a good source of healthy fats, especially if you opt for lamb shawarma. Also, shawarma offers a balanced amount of carbohydrates, which serve as the primary fuel source for keeping our energy levels up.

Of course, depending on what kind of ingredients are mixed in it, shawarma can become a useful source of calcium, magnesium, sodium, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. The secret is to mix and match qualitative meats with fresh vegetables. In this way, you will access all the health benefits of shawarma.

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