June 24, 2024

The maintenance of electric cars is not too different from the maintenance of standard fuel-powered cars. But there are some changes you should note due to the differences in the powertrains of the two types of vehicles.

Here are five useful tips to help you with the maintenance of your electric car:

1. Service the Motor Regularly

Although the electric car’s motor is also electric with fewer parts than the combustion engines’, you should maintain regular servicing intervals as with fuel-powered cars.

There are no spark plugs, oil, or fuel filters to replace; however, the motor should be serviced regularly. If your electric car is new, go to the dealership for servicing and if you bought it second-hand, find a mechanic who specializes in servicing electric motors.

2. Care for your Battery

The battery is the power of an electric car. It is crucial that you keep your car battery in the best condition possible to enjoy your electric car. To extend your vehicle’s battery life, follow the tips below:

a. Do not charge your battery fully or make it depleted.

b. When leaving your car for some days, make the battery almost fully charged – not with zero or little charge.

c. Always park your vehicle not close to a direct heat source.

d. Exposure to extreme temperatures will affect an electric car battery negatively.

3.  Keep Tires in Good Shape

Due to instant torque that electric cars deliver, the tires feel the effect over time by wearing off quickly. Consequently, always check your tires and get them aligned and balanced regularly. If your tires are worn out, replace them immediately to prevent a negative impact on your vehicle’s battery.

4. Check Brakes

Electric cars use regenerative braking system that captures the vehicle’s kinetic energy when the brakes are pressed and concerts in into electricity that can be used to power the car. To keep the brakes working correctly, get them serviced regularly.

5. Check Fluids

The only fluids you have in your electric car are the windscreen washer fluid and the brake fluid. You should check them regularly and keep them at the normal level.

Besides, ensure that the coolant system of your electric car is topped up regularly to ensure that the thermal system of the car is well managed like fuel-powered cars.

Keep your electric car well-maintained and extend its durability and aesthetics. The maintenance of an electric car is not as demanding as fuel-powered vehicles. Use the condominium charging station in your home or close to your workplace to charge your car battery to keep it well-charged.