September 25, 2023


When it comes to driving and owning a car, one expense that is not often thought about is car insurance. Car insurance is needed to drive legally. You need car insurance in case of an accident. The point of insurance is to help you financially if you are in an accident. Here are five ways that you can get more affordable auto insurance.

Don’t Get in a Wreck

Every time you make a claim on your insurance, it is likely that your rate will go up. This is because if you are a dangerous driver or are consistently in wrecks, it costs the insurance company money. These costs add up. So in order to cover their own costs they will charge you more for insurance. On top of that, getting in a wreck is expensive because you still have to pay the deductible. So in short, don’t get in a wreck in order to keep your insurance rates low. Don’t wreck your car if you want more affordable auto insurance.

Shop Around

Just like goods and services, you may be able to get a better rate at an insurance company. Many insurance companies will also price match. Shopping around can’t hurt because the worst that could happen is you don’t get a better rate so you stick with your current insurance. Annually, it is a good idea to call around and see if you can get better rates on your insurance.

Keep Your Car Maintained

A maintained car is a safer car. You will have less claims on your insurance if your brakes and motor is well maintained. Also, if your tires are in good shape it will be easier and safer to drive. Most major car accidents are weather related, so it is super important to be sure that you are maintaining your tires so they can easily get around in the snow and rain. Maintenance can cut your costs on insurance and just in general when it comes to your vehicles.

Get Your House Involved

Most insurance companies will give you a better deal if you merge your house and car. If you insure your house and car through the same company and never have to make any claims they make more money. So in order to keep business good and you satisfied most companies will offer a home and car bundle price. Along with that, having your house and car bundled together makes it much simpler to pay. You have one payment for two services. It can save you a check and time every month.

Choose Wisely

Different cars are different prices to insure. For example, a fast red sports car will be significantly more to insure than a black Taurus. This is because if you are driving more aggressively in a sports car, you are more likely to get into an accident. Along with that, sports cars and high end cars are more expensive to fix so you will see an increase in cost. Also when you are choosing be sure to choose your deductible wisely. Although a lower deductible seems nice, it’s likely more expensive. So it is important to choose a good number for your deductible to help with price.


Just like all other types of services, it is important to shop around. Along with that, choosing your insurance, car and deductible wisely can help you have a lower cost insurance. Keep your car well maintained to be sure to not have any problems or wrecks and also use a bundle price with your house to get the best rate. These are all ways that you can make your insurance cheaper.

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