July 22, 2024

Australia, among many other countries, regards people older than 65 as elderly. According to various statistics, the proportion of elderly people is likely to double by 2057 in Australia. As that happens, younger people will have to take greater care of their senior citizens. If you are in your 40s, you should know which ailments are likely to affect you in the future and also the equipment that will help you in your old age.

Thus, to help you, we have compiled a list of 7 pieces of equipment that should come in handy for the elderly. Read on:

1. Isokinetic devices

These new-age devices are great for patients who are recovering from accidents. In most road accidents involving the elderly, the latter takes a long time to regain their muscle strength. Isokinetic devices shorten this period, and these can be procured from any medical shop. You can customize your equipment, according to your needs and body structure.

2. Hearing aids

A recent study shows that nearly 30{e8320b3a48b868d914fa32d2d6dd13b99d3fcdd8bc3f2724f7c5e8c2702076aa} of all older adults in Australia suffer from hearing loss and associated problems. If you have a senior citizen in your family, you could help them by buying a hearing aid. This device is widely available and is pretty affordable too.

3. Muscle equipment

Sometimes our parents are forced to remain indoors because of adverse weather conditions. A prolonged spell of bad weather can affect their general well being and muscle strength. Unlike the young ones, our elderly relatives’ muscle strength has a pretty low threshold and if they don’t exercise regularly, our elderly could be in trouble.

Luckily, help is in hand in the form of devices catering to muscle fitness. These devices have two skis that glide back and forth. You can use it not just for physical rehabilitation but building muscle strength as well. The best part of muscle fitness equipment is that it can be adjusted according to your pace, and comfort levels.

Since this device moves your arms and legs, you burn more calories. Workouts on such devices are fun too, and you don’t have to worry about the hostile weather anymore. Track your progress on the console provided in the machine and improve it day by day.

4. Pressure mattress

Prolonged stays of senior citizens in hospitals can lead to bedsores and other ailments. One important reason why sores happen is lack of mobility which further restricts blood supply to the various parts of the body. Pressure care mattresses take care of this problem by easing the strain on body parts like the back, neck area, and the shoulders. To know more about this equipment, visit website.

5. Glucometer

A Glucometer checks the blood sugar levels in our bodies. According to a recent study published in 2015, more than 20 million Australians are suffering from diabetes. This condition may worsen if not controlled, and having a Glucometer in your house is a great idea to check the blood sugar levels.

6. Ultrasound

This machine discovers the stressed-out areas under the skin. You could always get an ultrasound done at the nearest sonographer’s clinic. However, having this device at your disposal could cut down on costs, and further aid you in diagnosing whether your senior is suffering from a fracture. Ultrasound machines are used to treat tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulders, sprains, and swollen ligaments.

7. Exercise bikes

You can also have an exercise bike in your home to help your seniors. This equipment is used to regain the muscle strength of thighs, calves, and ankles. Using an exercise bike is pretty simple; all you have to do is take the seat and paddle away. Plus, this could be fun too!

We hope this article has been of help, and you’ll now be able to take better care of your elderly family members. Good luck!