July 22, 2024

The Differences Between Presentation and Texture

There are grand differences between coffee from a filter and espresso. Not everyone seems to know the difference of what is put into the process, though most can still appreciate the difference in how coffee and espresso taste. Those who enjoy the occasional vanilla latte may choose not to look much further into the process. But just what makes a latte a latte in the first place? What sets the classic cafe fare, such as mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. from each other are their key differences. What sets each of these apart from coffee is a much greater difference that is not based in how it is prepared but rather in what types of grounds are being used and what process had to happen to make those grounds so different.

The main difference between coffee and espresso is the fineness of the grounds. Filter coffee has a much coarser, or some would say thicker, grounding process. Espresso beans have been ground to a much finer consistency. Filter coffee is brewed for a much longer time and at a lower temperature, while espresso is much hotter and it is brewed much faster as well. Espresso is much stronger than coffee that has been filtered. This is why you use much less espresso in specialty drinks than you would coffee.

Today’s Hot and Cool Coffee Trends

Ever since the Annals of Internal Medicine journal published their findings on the age of the average coffee consumer decreasing in recent times, the belief that daily consumption of coffee can actually extend your lifespan has skyrocketed. In fact, it’s been shown that a whopping 57{9aec2f3753136e72632b4743edb3bd445b461a73e7aee1730978bb7c413976bd} of coffee drinkers has hopped up to an impressive 62{9aec2f3753136e72632b4743edb3bd445b461a73e7aee1730978bb7c413976bd} of average daily coffee drinkers. With anything that sees a huge increase in popularity, it’s inevitable that certain fads will also follow.

Since the age group of those who consume coffee has also grown exponentially, that means that countless sweet types of coffee and espresso-based drinks have also become quite popular. Coffee shakes have been invented with their own special spins and specific names will differ for these drinks, based on what the company is making them. Since there is demand there for sweeter drinks, many coffee shops are now expanding their menus into previously unexplored territory and trying out new, fun, and interesting flavors.

A Variety to Stimulate Your Experience

Along with these preferences for expanded flavors, which will likely also expand the personal palate of the drinker, there exists a wide variety of coffee capsules. What makes these types of capsules unique is the ability to completely customize your favorite flavors while being able to enjoy what you want to drink and allowing your guests to enjoy what they want to drink as well. Being able to brew your own coffee capsule that’s been infused with your favorite flavor and for you to create right afterward a completely different flavor for your friend is an amazing way to enjoy coffee at home.

Coffee pods by Gimoka Coffee come in different flavor types and strengths. Let’s say that you personally enjoy the darkest roast you can imagine, while those you’re visiting with would prefer either decaffeinated coffee or a more medium body to their beverage. By using coffee capsules, you will minimize waste with having to pour any extra coffee out in order to make a completely new batch. Most people only wish to enjoy one or two cups of coffee per day, so instead of guessing at measurements and potentially making too much product, coffee capsules ensure the ultimate personal coffee drinking experience. Gimoka Coffee values this quality and convenience in providing an experience that is easy to perform and completely personal to you.