April 24, 2024
A Few Ways to Prevent Basement Leaks

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If your house has a basement where you are observing leaks then you have come to the right place. Learn different ways to waterproof your basement.

By following these tips, you can surely stop water leaks in your basement.

Check for wall cracks

Check the walls of your basement thoroughly for any kind of cracks by taking a walk around it. Remember to remove any décor or furniture from the wall before you are doing a thorough inspection.

If you observe any cracks then try to repair them as soon as possible through a professional. These cracks can be a source of moisture during rainy days and may weaken your walls.

Check for proper drainage

Any poor eavestrough and downspout drainage can be one of the main causes of water saturation close to the foundation of your home, which can end up in problems with the foundation and a leaky basement.

It is very important that the earth around your home must slope away from your foundation since foundation repairs can usually be very expensive.

When it is dry, try to keep an eye out for eroded dirt right underneath peeling paint on fascia or siding, or your gutters. During rainy weather, watch for excessive water spray.

Remove your eaves trough and downspout with care. Utilize a power washer or auger to remove any material from the downspout. Replace the screen if the cage has any damage.

Seal your basement floors and walls

You can seal your basements and walls in the following ways:

Clean basement floors and walls:

It is necessary to clean the area of your floors and walls before applying any sealant.

Etch your walls:

You must use a certain etching agent to make your basement walls porous so that the sealant will adhere to them.

Apply sealant to walls:

By using a sprayer or roller brush you can apply the sealant.

Apply polyurethane to your floors

Don’t allow the leaks in your basement to continue. If you continue to ignore such leaks then it may weaken the basement of your building in the longer run.

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