October 3, 2023

Go tv is considered to be one of the ideal services for pay-tv in the markets of Nigeria. Even when it is popular due to multiple reasons, like with any other thing, go tv has its share of problems, which are temporary and can be solved. If you have been using, go tv for a while now, you would be able to relate with especially the coding issues that go tv possesses.

If you have been facing a few queries and cannot get the solutions to your questions, this is the perfect guide for you. You do not need to worry at all as we have got this topic covered for you.

Here we will be covering the primary problems and the solutions, so keep reading.

Here are the Problems and Solutions Associated with Go tv:

1. Problems Of Decoding

Problem: One of the very popular problems associated with Go TV is the Decoder’s problems, which people face post they have recharged their subscription and face the issue of ‘Smart Error Code’. This problem occurs if you haven’t used the services for a while now.

Solution: The solution to this process is very simple. All you have to do is take out the card, clean it gently with a tissue or clean cloth, and then put it back. If the code still shows, then repeat this step; it will surely work.

2. ‘No Service’ & ‘No Signal’ Problem

Problem: One of the most annoying problems includes when you get a pop-up of no service or no signal.

Solution: If you encounter the problem of no signal, then make sure to check out the antenna. On the other hand, if you encounter no service, again check for the antenna. If the antenna is in perfect condition, then the problem is in the power pack or with the service provider’s end.

3. Getting Stuck In The Decoder

Problem: Most frustrating problem arises when the Decoder of the go tv gets stuck, and you are unable to switch between the channels.

Solution: In case of this problem, all you have to do is turn off the Decoder and then turn it on while holding the ‘P+ button’. As and when you see the green light, release the ‘P+ button’. When the flashing stops, press the P- button two times and press the P+ button twice.

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