May 18, 2024

Having a Spain wedding is an experience many couples want to have. It is a top tourist destination for a reason with many wonders and adventures to enjoy. There’s something about saying your vows in one of the most romantic places in Europe that many can’t resist.

One of the most important aspects of Spain weddings planning is building what we’d like to call your vendor team. This is a group of vendors that will cater to you and your weddings Spain. They will make up what is known as your wedding vendor team and are vital to the success of your celebration. Do you have an idea of what tradesman you require and those you won’t yet? Check your list with ours to authenticate that you haven’t left any important ones out.

· A Planner

It’s top of this list for a reason. You need a local wedding planner to be able to weather the storm that Spain wedding planning can be. They’ll help you make the right decision for their wedding based on the experience that they have with planning weddings Spain.

· Venue

Your wedding location will set the tone for your big day. You can’t have a Spain wedding without a place to hold it. This includes your ceremony and reception venues. Your wedding venue is the canvass on which you plan your celebration.

· Hair and Makeup Pros

So that you and your partner can look your best on the day and in all your pictures and videos. It’s best to work with local hair and makeup stylists so remember to ask your wedding planner for the best options.

· Attire

Your wedding dress, tuxedo, and the wedding party’s fashion. Most couples get lots of new fashion pieces for their Spain wedding and even if you’re renting, you still need one.

· Photographer/Videographer

After your wedding is over, you’ll want to remember the day in the future. Photos and videos will come in handy with remembering. Videographers and photographers make this happen. Make sure you work with a professional that you are comfortable with. They’ll be with you the entire time on your weddings Spain day.

· Music Professionals

Whether you’ll eventually choose to go with a band or a DJ is entirely your call. One thing is sure, you’ll need entertainment for your Spain wedding.

· Florist

The florist will handle your bouquets, centerpieces, and the other floral presentation you’ll have at your wedding.

· Caterer/Cake Baker

One main reason that people attend weddings is for the food. You’ll need a caterer to handle your wedding menu. Some catering companies can also handle your wedding cake but if not, you’ll need a cake baker for your weddings Spain cake. You could even be lucky enough to find a venue that offers you a cake.

· Officiant

Without the officiant, you and your partner can’t get married! This one pretty much explains itself. You need to have an officiant that can tell your love story in the best way at your wedding.

· Jeweler

So that you and your partner can get the best wedding bands for your weddings Spain.

· A Favors Vendor

You’ll want to appreciate your guests for coming to your wedding. If you aren’t going DIY, a favors tradesman will come in handy.

· A Rental Company

For the chairs, tables, dinnerware, décor, or more conditional on your venue.

· The Transportation Company

So that you, your partner, and the wedding party can arrive and leave in style. You can rent a lovely vintage car or a modern limousine if you want.

Your wedding vendors are an important part of your wedding so you have to make sure you pick the right team. You can also add or remove from this list depending on the type of theme that you choose. Best of luck!!!