July 15, 2024

Anxiety acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is used for treating medical conditions like depression, substance abuse, and other social anxiety issues. It is different from other therapy in the sense that it does not focus only on the positive thoughts, but it allows you to conquer your negative thoughts too.

These are very helpful if you are suffering from social anxiety issue and want a healthy mind space for yourself. Here are a few facts about anxiety acceptance and commitment therapy to help you understand how the therapy works for your benefit at centers for anxiety acceptance and commitment therapy near me.

ACT works on six core principles to help build a positive mindset

1. Acceptance of The Situation: This involves accepting the present situation without trying to alter the outcome or the future. It helps to face the negative thought process and deal with it.

2. Having A Cognitive Diffusion: This approach involves looking at the situation by separating one’s thoughts or experiences from it. It gives a fresh perspective of the situation and helps to find practical solutions to the problem at hand.

3. Living in The Present Situation: Breathing techniques are used to deal with such situations. It revolves around being open, receptive, and being aware of the situation at hand.

4. Self-observation: This requires observing oneself and separating one from thinking self. It means that observing one helps to analyze what they are thinking of the situation without emotion, belief playing any role in the case.

5. Having Values: ACT helps one to hold on to their values or belief system and make decisions by it. Values help to identify what one stands for and things that matter the most.

6. Taking Action: Taking action and making goals with values and belief system intact responsibly is the main focus of ACT.

Some Quick Facts:

  • The ACT focuses on thoughts that are helpful rather than if they are true or false.
  • It is used for the treatment of chronic pains or post-traumatic situations
  • ACT regards that acceptance and mindfulness are the essential compounds of bringing positive changes in your life.

The centers for anxiety acceptance and commitment therapy near me organizes seminars and workshop to create awareness about social anxiety disorders. If you are the one suffering from a social anxiety disorder, you should try this therapy as it helps you to remove your core problems and lead happy as well as a healthy lifestyle.