April 1, 2023

Mathematics is a subject that requires a lot of thinking, reasoning and understanding capability. Our world is full of numbers and problems to solve. It is impossible to get through a day without using mathematics in some way. In fact, you have also studied mathematics in every grade during your academics. Sometimes, you will think that how these complex calculations are connected with our lives. Math is a subject that emphasizes logic, and it fosters innovations. Some of the key reasons to study mathematics are:

  • It is used to solve real-world problems
  • It gives solid support in advanced studies.
  • Mathematical education will afford some of the highest levels of job satisfaction.

In the modern world, the concepts in mathematics are used in a range of applications. Some of the applications that are used in our daily life activities include:


Cryptography builds from pure mathematics known as number theory which deals with the integers which are a subset of real numbers. Cryptography is a method of protecting the information, and it uses sophisticated mathematical equations and secret keys to encrypt and decrypt data. It provides security and integrity of data through communication channels.

Materials Science

Material science is an interdisciplinary field that involves many fields like physics, chemistry, and engineering. The researches who are working on the cutting edge of nanotechnology needs lots of mathematical and quantum physics knowledge. In short, math is involved in each stage of material research.

Computer Architecture

Designing the computer chips involves the considerable permutation and combination of input to output pins. Arrangement of those pins in the logic gates is the basic element for the computer architecture. Both the natural and computer languages are mostly related to the combinations since the languages are the components of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, etc. Every string search algorithm is mainly based on combinatorics.

Signal Processing

Mathematical techniques involved in data and signal processing includes the number of theorems and proofs from various fields like linear algebra, graph theory, probability theory, and physics. Nowadays digital signal processors are widely used to perform signal processing in most of the applications like a radar system, internet communications, mobile phones, medical imaging devices, etc., which needs advanced signal processing.

There is plenty of applications developed from mathematics which is used by people in their everyday lives.

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