May 28, 2023

Best Neighborhoods in Columbia, SC, for Coffee Lovers

Although Columbia, South Carolina, isn’t as big of a coffee capital as the country of Colombia, it still brings a lot of rich flavor to the table. From the unique cafes to the awesome coffee bars and great drip coffee stops, it’s time to check out this incredible city.

These are the best neighborhoods in Columbia, SC, for coffee, and why they’re a dream come true! 

Five Points

When it’s time to get the most out of Coffee, head to Five Points!  This neighborhood is a happening area that has everything from bars to gyms and delis and is best known for its multiple coffee stops.  The top four here are Columbia Gong Cha, which offers iced tea and coffee with East Asian flavor, Drip Coffee, and Blum Coffee!  These are all heavy hitters, and you’ll have an amazing time getting to try all of the flavors to pick your favorite.


If you need a little pep before you go looking at Columbia houses for sale, you’ll want to start in Shandon!  Here you’ll find great coffee spots like the Azalea Coffee Bar, Crust Bakehouse, and Another Broken Egg Cafe.  

The Azalea Coffee Bar is a big favorite among locals who love the friendly staff and great attention to detail.  Each of these has a different vibe and can be a great space to seek out when you’re ready to wake up in the morning.  These each also makes fantastic date spots!

West Columbia

West Columbia is an iconic area of the city on the other side of the Congaree River.  Here you can try awesome flavors like Cafe Strudel’s West Columbia location, offering comfort food and tasty coffee.  Or make your way to Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company, which serves a delicious fresh flavor every day.  Of course, if you want Starbucks or Dunkin’ here, you can still get those flavors, but there’s so much more to this area.

Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights is a great place for young families that are finding their footing.  If you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder the best you can to support your family, you’ll need some good coffee to support you.  Here the main stars are Indah Coffee, Curiosity Coffee Bar, and Spotted Salamander Cafe and Catering.  Each of these stops has something incredible that’s impossible to replicate.

Melrose Heights

Melrose Heights is the place to go if you want to enjoy fantastic coffee while also getting something sweet to eat.  Here you can try out the Azalea Coffee Bar, the top-rated coffee destination in the city, or stop by The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli, which offers sweets, meats, and coffee delights!  You’ll love living in this cozy area with countless small businesses and parks to enjoy.

This City Loves Those Who Love Coffee!

Coffee is one of the best ways to start your day, so why not ensure you live in an area that offers it regularly?  Columbia is a dream come true to anyone who’s ready for great flavor and awesome neighbors.

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