April 16, 2024

Building a house involves lots of responsibilities and the first thing of those is to secure the safety of your house. While it comes to the security of your house, you concentrate on the locking systems of your house. There are lots of insurance policies which demand to know about the system of locking your house before showing you the policies. Now, here are different locking systems that you can use for your house. Have a look-

1. Mortice Locks

These are the most common types of locks that are used in almost every household. Usually, such a locking system comes with a key to open the lock. These are mainly for external use.

2. Multi-point Locking System

If you have a UPVC door, this type of locking system will be apt for that. Such locks come with three or more locking points which can be locked just by one turn of a key. These are useful for providing extra security. Usually, such locks are installed for external usage, mainly for patios and garages. This type of locks comes with bolts, pins or cam rollers.

3. Nightlatches

These locks are safe to use, but you should use them as the second option of locking. Nightlatches are available in two different forms-

  • Deadlocking night latches – Locks automatically and you will need a key to open the door from inside as well as from outside.
  • Standard night latches – It also locks the door automatically and you need to use the snib to hold the latch back.

For additional security, you can always go for deadlocks.

4. Cylinder Locks

This is another common type of lock that you can use at your house. Though these are quite good, the technique can often be vulnerable. Such types of locks can be used indoor as well as outdoor. You can install it on UPVC doors and they are quite easy to install. There are two types of cylinder locks available at the market-

  • Single Cylinder – Such type of lock has just one space for a key at one side. On the other side, there is a twist knob which locks the door from the other side once you turn the key. The key-side is on the external part of the door so that you can lock the door with a key from outside, while you can use the knob to lock the door from inside.
  • Double Cylinder – There is no twist knob is this type of cylinder locks. There are two keys required to lock the door from inside and outside. Usually, such lock is used for public places. Like public washroom.

5. Closed Shackle Padlocks

This type of lock provides the best security to your house and these prevent bolt cutters to attack the locking system. Usually, this lock is used in shades, gates, and chains.

Here are certain types of locks that you can choose for your house. You will find lots of other types. Pick the one and make sure it is enough sturdy to meet your purpose.

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