September 27, 2023

An antibacterial spray remains essential for households and workplaces. As a parent, we often have to ensure that our environment remains free from germs and viruses. Additionally, they are a critical part of this cleanliness drive. A spray solution, such as BioCair Disinfectant Anti-Bacterial Pocket Spray, kills 99.999% of harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores within 60 seconds of contact.

The Effectiveness of Antibacterial Sprays & Alcohol-Free Disinfectants

Almost every antibacterial spray and alcohol-free disinfectants kill bacteria on contact. However, some may require longer contact times, such as 60 seconds or more. For example, some antibacterials need 60 seconds of continuous spray contact time to be effective. Alcohol-based hand rubs and antiseptic liquids (which are the most common forms) have rapid bactericidal activity when you use them correctly.

As not all alcohol-based disinfectants are the same, it is crucial to check the label on the bottle to find out the concentration of alcohol. It is a must that the concentration of alcohol is between 60 and 95% for better efficacy. It’s important to note, though, that the effectiveness of an alcohol-based product depends on how thoroughly you rub it into your hands. It is not useful to rub the alcohol-based disinfectant into the hands for a few seconds and then not rub it anymore.

Alcohol-based hand rubs and antiseptic liquids are less effective on visibly dirty hands. It is because dirt acts as a barrier for the active ingredients. Take note that some can also leave your skin’s hand dry. Hence, you may want to use alcohol-free disinfectant.

How Safe Are Antibacterial Sprays and Alcohol-Free Disinfectants

Antibacterial sprays and alcohol-free disinfectants are generally safe to use as long as users follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some products may not be suitable for some individuals, such as pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is imperative to take care when using them and to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

Antibacterial sprays and alcohol-free disinfectants are also widely used in the workplace, schools, hospitals or anywhere. They are particularly ideal for use in the kitchen and in areas where food is stored and prepared, as they help to reduce the spread of germs. I often buy disinfectant spray in Singapore for kitchen and bathroom sanitation use at home personally.

These products are also suitable for other uses in the medical industry, such as in hospitals, dentists, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and more. They are ideal for disinfecting small and high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, keyboards and telephones.

Why Use An Alcohol-Free Disinfectant Spray?

Antibacterial sprays are an effective alternative to alcohol-based hand rubs, as they kill germs on contact. They also leave behind a residual effect. The efficacy of an antibacterial spray and alcohol-free disinfectant depends largely on the product’s formulation. Some products contain active ingredients that disinfect surfaces, while others contain agents that inhibit bacterial growth.

Personally, I often use BioCair Disinfectant AntiBacterial Pocket Spray for years now for its 99.999% formulation while being alcohol and toxic-free. It’s safe for my household, and I couldn’t be more content with it. It’s safer to use without all the harsh chemicals that can harm your skin and health. I would recommend Biocair Disinfectant products.

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