March 18, 2023

Are you ready to get rid of the same old longboard that you got decades ago? Well, welcome a new longboard which is self-propelling. Yes, you heard it right, self-propelling. Now you don’t have to tire your feet pushing the longboard which can be fun sometimes too but who can say no to a self-propelling longboard. Take this new baby anywhere you like and enjoy the most fun time of the day.

Dokido is a design which is reimagined and utilizes a one of its kind patent-pending sauce range system for self-propelling. The word dokido originates from Japanese words which are “Doki” meaning “synchronization” and “do” which means “way”. With these two words, the work Dokido comes into being and it means the way of synchronization. With its epical design, it allows the rider to move back and forth with which they can have an amazing time roaming around the streets and exploring new places and things. While on the other hand, the riders not only have a good time but it also makes sure that various body parts are toned.

When people hear about the self-propelling longboard, they are quite intrigued by its working. This longboard has only one rear wheel and does not require your feet to push for it to move but it works when the riders shift their weight back and forth while riding it. The good news that accompanies this longboard, is that it enables riders to lose weight as well. So, if you want to go explore the city and not hit the gym then the Dokido longboard is your buddy.

Some of its key features are:

1. Easy to ride:

If you are unfamiliar with longboards and have never ridden one then this longboard will be great for you to start because it is super easy to ride.

2. Light and portable:

This specific longboard is not very heavy so you can carry it with ease.

3. Unique design:

If you like to stay updated with the new and unique design then you will certainly enjoy it much more.

4. Durable:

The manufacturing of the Dokido longboard is high quality which is why it is quite durable.

If you are tired of following the same exercises at a yoga mat in your home and don’t want to skip exercise either then the Dokido longboard is the perfect partner for a workout. Now you don’t have to be surrounded with the same walls, same room, and same environment to work out because you can step out with the Dokido longboard, explore various places, go out for a fruit bowl, grab a book from the library or any other activity that you may like. It tones your body, allows you to lose weight and makes a great alternative for your boring workout at home. So, you are not getting this longboard just for fun but you are also getting it for your daily workout routine.

People might think that it is difficult to ride but it is super easy, all that you need to do is step on the board, shift your weight back and forth (start by wiggling your body and you will see the movement) and the final step to ride the Dokido longboard is to maintain balance. Keep moving back and forth, keep the balance and you are all set to ride anywhere you like.

Benefits of Dokido:

1. Fun workout:

You don’t stay at home but go to your favorite place, that also counts as a workout until you are riding the longboard.

2. Indoors and outdoor use:

This longboard can be used inside and outside both.

3. Affordable:

Since it is cost-effective, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

4. Efficient weight shift:

The self-propelling starts with the weight shift of the rider which also allows the rider to lose weight.

Kids, adults, gym enthusiast, athletes and all other people who have been in search of a fun yet effective workout should invest in this longboard. It keeps you active, freshens your mind, lets you out in the cool breeze, allows you to explore places, stay in touch friends, and most of all, allows you to lose weight and maintain the shape of your body.

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