December 9, 2023

Would you like to keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company!? You must get enough alcohol for your party. However, determining the exact amount of alcohol you need for a party can be quite difficult.

Well, you don’t have to lose your sleep over this. All you should do is to understand how you can estimate how much alcohol you need for a party. With this, you can provide enough booze for everyone.

You can estimate how much alcohol you need for a party by considering the following;

The number of people expected to attend the party

How many people have you invited to the party? Are they expected to attend the party with their partners? These are important questions that will shed more light on how many people you can expect to come to the party.

If you are serving beers, plan two bottles for each attendee. However, for wines, a bottle should be enough for two persons. Also, add to the amount of alcohol estimated for all guests.

The duration of the party

Without a doubt, a longer party will require more alcohol than a shorter one. This is because many guests will ask for more alcohol after hours of drinking the previous ones. So, if your party will last for several hours, you should increase the amount of alcohol you want to buy. Estimate a bottle of alcohol for every one or two hours.

The kind of party

The kind of party you are hosting can be a determining factor for estimating the amount of alcohol you need to get. For example, if you are hosting a sit-down dinner, most people will be interested in eating and talking with other guests. Hence, you will not need lots of alcohol. However, when hosting a cocktail party, many guests will focus on the drinks. Hence, you must provide lots of them to take care of your guests. Other kinds of parties may require a different amount of alcohol.

The kind of drinkers attending your party

If most of your guests are heavy drinkers, they will likely take lots of alcohol while at your party. However, the reverse is the case for people that are not heavy drinkers. A heavy drinker will take two or three times more than a regular drinker. Therefore, you must think about the kind of drinkers you have invited.

The type of food to be served

When eating spicy or salty food, many drinkers like taking a large amount of alcohol. So, if you want to serve such food, you must provide the right amount of drinks for your guests. Also, if you are hosting a party on a hot day, increase the amount of alcohol by about.

After considering these various factors, you should be able to estimate the amount of alcohol you need for a party. With this, you can get in touch with a company that can guarantee timely after hours alcohol delivery.

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