June 16, 2024

Most experts agree that the recommended frequency of aircon servicing in Singapore may vary depending on several factors present in one’s home. While the average frequency of aircon general servicing is around 1-2 times per year, it may not be the case for your household. Today, we will share with you some of the factors that may affect the need for aircon servicing to get you guided.

Humidity Levels

While we are living on a relatively small city-state island, humidity levels in Singapore vary per area. The level of humidity affects the air conditioner’s performance. Thus, families living in more humid areas should get aircon service more frequently than those in lower humidity areas.

House Pets

One of the reasons some of us consider aircon as a necessity is that our beloved fur babies cannot tolerate heat and humidity as much as we do. However, keeping pets inside your house while the AC is running may cause pet danders to get stuck on the filters and affect the AC’s performance. For this reason, households with pets are advised to get aircon servicing more frequently.

Having Allergies and Other Respiratory Conditions

Homeowners who have allergies or care for a family member who has a respiratory condition, should get aircon general servicing more often. While ACs trap dirt and allergens on the filter, having a dirty filter may still trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

Product Warranty

One of the main reasons why we should get aircon servicing is that it is a condition for the product warranty. Most terms and conditions include how often one should get an aircon general servicing or in some cases, an aircon chemical wash. It is recommended that homeowners follow the frequency stated in the conditions to avoid getting the warranty nullified. Check out https://lkbrothersaircon.com/services/aircon-chemical-wash/ for aircon chemical wash services.


Having an air conditioner at home makes our lives more comfortable. However, it is necessary to maintain your air conditioner properly for it to be able to service your home longer. For aircon troubleshooting and other services in Singapore, please visit Goodcool Aircon today!