July 20, 2024

Tokyo is one of the most important cities of Japan and it is the capital of the country since 1869. Here you can eat both local as well as international cuisines. You can get food of cheaper as well as an expensive variety of food from different restaurants.

What are the various local specialties?

Tokyo is the capital city and hence it has been the political center for many years. Therefore, most of the Japanese cuisine has been popularized from this city only. If you are on Tokyo food tours then you must taste some of the well-known Japanese foods.

Following are a few Japanese foods that you must certainly taste if you are in Tokyo.


Nigri-zushi is one of the most popular kinds of sushi as it has become a very well- known Japanese fast food in Tokyo. It consists of a few pieces of seafood which are added with a rice ball.


This is another very popular dishes in Japan, which has undergone many modifications over the years. Mainly tempura was made by using vegetables only before Edo period however nowadays deeply fried seafood are also added as a result, more varieties of tempura are available to choose.


This is a Japanese noodle made from buckwheat and is very popular in Japan. It is taken with sauce.


It is a healthy protein-rich dish and contains chicken, fish and few different seasonal vegetables.


It is a pancake which is made with flour and water where cabbage, seafood, and meat piece are also added and cooked on a grill.


It is taken along with a bowl of cooked rice. Tsukudani is small food piece that is simmered in sweet sake and soy sauce and preserved there.

Tokyo sweets

There are a number of traditional sweets available in Japan and ningyoyaki is one of them which is in the shape of dolls and birds.