June 23, 2024

When all players have been, the dealer plays the 2nd card. The dealer will only pass if it has reached 17 points or more. The bank will therefore always have 17 points or more. At more than 21 points, the dealer is ‘dead’ and any player who has not finished above 21 points themselves will receive the value of the dealer’s stake (and keep their own bet). If the dealer does get between 17 and 21 points, only the players who have higher points receive the bet from the dealer.

3 special Blackjack rules in the game

There are three special rules during a round of Blackjack. These are split, insure and double. Splitting happens when a player receives two of the same cards. The player must bet 1 more time. The player plays against the dealer in two attempts. Splitting is extremely effective when you are dealt two Aces.

The insurance option only occurs if the dealer has an Ace or 10 as the first card. All players then get the chance to add half of the original bet as insurance. If the Blackjack falls at the dealer, only half of the bet is lost. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you immediately lose the insurance, but you still have a chance of winning your original bet.

Finally, the possibility of doubling remains. This option is not the same at every casino. After the first two cards have been dealt, you can double your bet once. In return, you will only receive an extra card.

Some short, powerful Blackjack tips

  • Do you have 11 points or less? Always draw a card.
  • If you have 17 or higher, it is best that you fit.
  • If the dealer himself has between 2 and 6, you can best pass 12 points. It is more likely that the dealer will eventually exceed 21 points.
  • By knowing the blackjack rules and using the right tips you can significantly increase your chances.

The ball of the roulette is ticking and it is eagerly to wait in which box it falls. The gambling game roulette has been a certainty in casinos for years and we are happy to tell you more about it, because there are now also many fans online.

Playing Roulette: Don’t miss these tips

The origin of roulette

Roulette is one of the best-known gambling games. This is how you see the roulette table appear in many films and series. This game is said to have originated in Paris around 1796. Roulette was a game for the wealthy elite. What is special is that this variant nowadays bears the name American roulette and that there is a new European variant. In the American variant, there is a 0 and a 00. The bottom line is that this reduces the chances of winning. By the way, people are not entirely sure about the origin of this gambling game, because it would have been played in China years earlier.