September 28, 2023


It is an unfortunate piece of life that bad things happen. Throughout a lifetime, a person can deal with an average of over twenty extreme negative events. Lifestyle and location can change this number.

What qualifies as a ‘Negative event?’ Basically, anytime you need to call 911. Medical events and house fires are among the top negative events. Any house can catch on fire but be sure to regularly maintain furnaces, dryers and stoves can greatly reduce your chance of having a fire.

Along with that, being sure smoke detectors and other similar devices are working properly can also help you if you do have to deal with a fire or other ‘extreme event.’ Who do you call if your home has fire damage?

Fire and Smoke Clean up

The major damage that happens to a home because of a fire is the smoke damage. Therefore, there are specific people who make their living by offering services cleaning and fixing smoke and fire damage. Luckily, most people have insurance on their homes so the cost of getting the damage cleaned up is covered.

Types of Fires

When it comes to cleaning up smoke and fire damage, it is important to consider what type of damage has been done. The most common is basic smoke damage from a food fire. If food has burned in or on the stove or microwave and made a small fire and a lot of smoke, this is a relatively easy cleanup.

More complex is a ‘complex fire’ Where something plastic has burned in the home. An example of this would be a small space heater catching on fire. There is also the possibility of a natural fire. Where a forest fire has been nearby and there is smoke damage inside your home. Lastly is an oil fire.

This typically includes a type of oil furnace catching fire and causing the oily smoke to be distributed around the house. All of these types of fires are unfortunate but luckily the guys and gals at fire damage restoration Southern Connecticut can help fix it.

What is Included?

When it comes to fire clean up there are a few musts that must be done in order to remove the smell and damage. Smoke is one of the hardest smells to get rid of. Not all fires are the same so the first step for fire clean up crews is to figure out what kind of fire has happened and what damage has been done.

If there are any places that will need the wall or sheetrock fixed then they may have to call in the assistance of a contractor. Then at that point, they use their equipment to steam clean and fix the walls where the smoke damage has happened.

Please Don’t…

In order to have a more effective cleaning process and not risk further damage, the restoration specialists request that you not touch or sit on any fire-damaged couches. They also request that you don’t try to do any cleaning yourself because doing it incorrectly just makes their job harder. Also, using any electricity in a home that is fire or smoke damaged could be dangerous.


Smoke and home damage is unfortunate but doesn’t have to be a frustrating problem to fix. Call your local smoke and fire damage clean up crew to get some help. Different fires require different cleanup processes and can be more difficult. Call any fire damage restoration Southern Connecticut company to get a quote for help with fire and damage restoration of your home.

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