June 15, 2024

Four Generations Annual Fishing Trip

My family is lucky to have the gift of longevity, so far anyway. Our fishing trips have been going on long before I was even born. They’ve evolved over the years as well, of course, because things have only become more advanced over time.

Currently, the fishing trip consists of myself, my 87-year-old father, my 31-year-old son, and my 5-year-old grandson. It’s really such a blessing that we can do this. We make the most of it every year.

We started fly fishing about 5 years ago. Before that, we were just doing regular spin fishing. Well, that year my son couldn’t make the trip because he was expecting his baby boy at any time. It was just me and my father, and we planned it to be shorter and closer to the home trip so we were ready to leave when the baby arrived.

We chose a little place next to a river that was about 3 hours away. It had a place to rent fishing gear so we decided not to bring our own for the sake of saving time. Everything was about convenience for us this time. Little did we know that we’d be doing something completely different.

When we got up there, we had quite a few different options. We figured we might as well make the most of it because who knows what next year would look like for them with a new member of the family.

So we decided to give fly fishing a try. We would go out with a guide and learn all the basics. Pending there was still no news, we’d go out for another day. Then at least some of the information might stick.

The point of this story is to explain how we started fly fishing, and that we’ve continued it ever since. My son wasn’t completely on board with it, especially because he felt a little left out of the experience with us. I could understand that. But it was 2 against 1 because the new baby couldn’t vote yet.

So he gave it a try and of course, he enjoyed it just like we knew he would. So it went on successfully for the next few years, and when the little man turned 5, we brought him along too.

After a few years of doing this altogether, we decided it might be time to invest in new fly fishing rods. The little one still wasn’t quite ready for his own but the rest of us certainly did.

The best decision that we ever made was buying the G. Loomis IMX-PRO Fly Rod from Trouts Fly Fishing. The 3 of us each have one and it is just so smooth and easy to use. We’ve all been extremely happy.