April 16, 2024

These days, I find myself more interested in a company’s customer service than I am in their products. This is especially true of online businesses, as I’ve found that they tend to ignore their customers completely or make things like filing complaints or making returns so difficult that the customer simply gives up. So when an online company provides excellent service, I have to leave a review and sing their praises!

I ordered an expanded sleeve for my Cuisinart food processor from Kitchen Works USA about a month ago. My food processor is a regular part of my home cooking, and many of the pieces have taken a beating after years of regular use. I had considered purchasing a new machine, but first I wanted to see if I could find replacement parts online.

Kitchen Works USA seemed to have everything I could possibly need, from dough blades to work bowls and everything in between. I particularly liked that all their products come directly from the Cuisinart warehouse. I’ve been a fan of Cuisinart for years, and their products tend to be durable and high-quality. I was certain that any replacement part I bought here would be able to work with my current machine.

There were a few pieces that could be replaced on my machine, but I opted to start with the expanded sleeve. I was actually very excited about the purchase, as it looked like it was in good condition and it was a great price. However, when my package arrived (in a timely manner), I discovered that the sleeve was in two separate parts (not how it’s supposed to be).

To be clear, I don’t think that Kitchen Works sent me a broken piece. The package was a little bent out of shape, which makes me think something happened in transit. But still, I was disappointed. I considered cutting my losses, throwing out the piece, and buying a new food processor after all. But something told me to give Kitchen Works a chance.

I emailed them photos of the broken sleeve and explained the situation, expecting that I’d never hear back. But lo and behold, the Kitchen Works team responded to my email promptly, and they were incredibly helpful! Firstly, they were very apologetic and understanding of my disappointment. Then, they sent me a new sleeve to replace the broken one! The new sleeve arrived at my door promptly and worked perfectly. I was even able to use it to make dinner that night!

Even though the Kitchen Works staff is on the other side of the country, they still managed to give me exceptional customer service — a rare feat in today’s world. Of course, this store has many benefits (high quality products, great prices, etc.), but it is their dedication to making customers happy that really won me over. The next time my food processor breaks, or even if I just need some other kitchen tools, I know that I’ll be coming to them first.

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