July 22, 2024

Leguan offers a good selection of access platforms, but just how high can they go? This is a question often asked by those looking to either buy or hire such machines. The good news is, whether you need a low-level access solution or something to reach high up inside a warehouse, Leguan has the right tool for the job.

Leguan 125

Let’s start with the entry-level Leguan 125. Although this is the cheapest in the range, the machine is still designed for professional use. It’s perfect as a lightweight, simple, and inexpensive lifting solution.

The machine has a maximum platform height of 10.5 m which provides a maximum working height of 12.5 m. This is tall enough to reach the rafters of some warehouses and other industrial buildings. When it comes to outreach, the Leguan 125 can achieve 6.3 m as a maximum. This makes the 125 even more versatile, allowing it to reach over various obstacles.

Leguan 135 NEO

Now on to the Leguan 135 NEO. This is the latest access platform from Leguan and includes an easy to use joystick for operating the platform. The 135 boasts a maximum platform height of 11.4 m. This makes way for a maximum working height of 13.4 m, giving it nearly an extra meter over the Leguan 125.

The 135 NEO has a good outreach too. Where the load is less than 120 kg, the platform can reach out to a maximum of 7.1 m. With a load of between 120 kg and 250 kg, this reduces to 6.6 m but is still slightly more than the 125.

Leguan 165

Enter the Leguan 165. This is a boom lift that’s perfect for heavy use. The platform can meet the needs of most access requirements and is a popular choice in the rental market. In the design of the 165, special attention has been paid to features such as strength, durability, and user-friendliness.

The Leguan 165 sees the biggest jump in maximum platform height over the previous model in the range. It boasts a maximum platform height of 14.4 m, which provides a maximum working height of 16.4 m. This is 3 m more than the 135 NEO and nearly 4 m more than the Leguan 125.

Maximum outreach is also good on the 165. This stands at 7.85 m which is enough to reach over most obstacles encountered in the access industry.

Leguan 190

The Leguan 190 is the largest platform in the range. It provides an outstanding maximum platform height of 17 m. This offers a maximum working height of 19 m. Compare this to the 165 and you can see a 2.6 m increase in the maximum platform and working heights. Compare it to the entry-level Leguan 125 and you can see an impressive increase of 6.5 m.

Maximum outreaches of 9.7 m (up to 120 kg) and 8.3 m (up to 230 kg) are also higher than any other model in the Leguan range. This makes the 190 the perfect choice for professional use.


We can conclude that Leguan offers access platforms that can go as high as 17 m. At this height, access platforms can offer a maximum working height of around 19 m. This is a suitable height for most building maintenance and inspection tasks.

Leguan Lifts OY is a Finnish company who have a global network of dealers. In the UK, Central Platform Services is the dealer/distributor for Leguan.