April 24, 2024

Are you looking for a once in lifetime participation? Are you an adrenal junky looking for your next thrill? Maybe you want to try something exhilarating and freeing. If any of the above sounds like anything you are interested in; skydiving might be for you! Imagine free falling from thousands of feet, You can enjoy beautiful sights while dropping from up above.

But the real question is have you ever wondered the speed you go through and what does it really feel like, you must be questioning how much time it will take to come down from the top is you choose to skydive from different heights.

If we talk about the time, the average speed when you drop is 200 feet per second, and if you will calculate the time taken it varies from different height, when you skydive from the height of 10,000 feet you will be free falling for 30 sec approximately, if the same height is increased to 14,000 feet you will be experiencing the freefall for 60 sec the highest tandem skydive that is from 18,000 free-falling will take around 90 sec Approximately. After that, the parachute ride takes around 4 to 5 min to the ground. Also, there are seral factors that may influence the time takes, for example, the altitude, weight, and equipment which have been used. Another factor can be the solo skydiving which reduces the time taken by some seconds.

Diving from 18,000 feet

Yes, you can tandem dive from 18,000 feet. If the average cruising altitude of a commercial airplane is 32,000 feet. You can free fall from the half waypoint. Imagine the rush you’ll get. You will fall at approximately 120 mph. That is the World’S Highest Skydive. You will free fall for over 90 seconds before your parachute is pulled. We go higher and longer than the rest. Once the parachute is pulled, you’ll gently float to the ground, enjoying the views our California coastline has to offer. It is simply a breathtaking experience. You will get your money’s worth!

What is the Super King Air 200?

We don’t know how to do anything small! We have the World’s Highest Skydive. It only makes sense to say we also how the fastest jump plane in the world. From take-off to jumping altitude of 18,000, it takes us about 9 minutes in this bad boy. I don’t like to toot our own horn but we also have the largest jump plane in the world. We can transport up to twenty-one divers at once. We can be accompanying small groups or large with our plane.

Expectations and Pricing

If your planning to come skydiving with us. You probably have several expectations. The most important is safety. Skydive Monterey Bay has one of the highest safety records in our line of business. We provide our staff and you with the very best skydiving gear possible. Our instructors have years of experience and we follow every rule and protocol to guarantee your safety. Another expectation you may have is the experience. Your experience will be amazing. Once you dive you will have views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Ocean and the valleys surrounding the jump site. Keep in mind you will be spending the day with us because we teach you the basics of skydiving safety. And how to put your gear on. Expect to spend three to five hours with us. Our prices start at $179 and go up to $279. The dives range from 10,000 ft all the way up to 18,00 feet. We also offer a VIP package with our signature dive of 18,000 feet with additional items. If you are wanting to remember your special day for an additional $99 a person we can take pictures and videos of your experience.

If diving from 18,000 feet and free-falling at 120 mph, let me reiterate the World’S Highest Skydive sounds like an adventure for you. Just riding in our world’s fastest and largest jumper plane is worth the experience. Then come down to Skydive Monterey Bay and let us redesign adventure for you!

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