May 28, 2024

With a dark recession looming about, people are looking for new ways to cut down on their electric bill. The bad news is that there aren’t any new groundbreaking ways to cut your energy bill. The good news is, that if you’re like most people then you’ve never heard of the traditional ways or just aren’t implementing them. In this article, we’ll cover how Nevada electricians reduce their client’s energy bills using a few frugal tips.

1. Keep Your Fridge Closed and Full

Refrigerators consume a massive amount of electricity in order to call the air and food inside of them. The first reason why you should keep your refrigerator closed is that every time you open it, you release some of the cold air trapped inside. This cold air is then replaced with warm air and the refrigerator has to cool it down again.

However, opening your fridge is a necessity and so to reduce the amount of warm air flowing into the fridge, reduce the amount of air that can fit into the fridge. By filling your fridge up with foods and liquids, you’re doing two things. The first is that your displacing air with solids – meaning when you open the door, there’s less room for air to flow out. And secondly, you’re adding insulators to the fridge because your food actually does a good job of resisting heat.

Chances are that you’ve never noticed how often you open your refrigerator. For starters, most people when meal prepping leave it wide open as they get everything out of the fridge. Other times include when you’re taking a drink out and know you’ll put it back in and so on and so on. Instead of listing specific scenarios, it’s better if you just develop greater awareness.

2. Stop Leaving Your Electronics Plugged In

Unnecessarily leaving electronics plugged in drains people of money. Leaving devices like computers, televisions, blu-ray players, video game consoles, toasters, microwaves, etc… plugged in leads to hundreds of dollars in extra electrical expenses each year.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to get power strips and that way, you can unplug several devices by just unplugging your power strip.

While seemingly annoying, this method is actually worth your time. If you’re wasting 100s of dollars per year on phantom electricity bills, then ask yourself, “how many hours of work did I have to spend to pay these avoidable bills?”.

Taking an extra few seconds to unplug a device will save your dozens of working hours.

3. Use Blackout Curtains Efficiently

Yes, this paragraph will talk about how curtains can save you money. A great deal of your electric bill comes from your air conditioner. In order to keep your house cool, get blackout curtains for the rooms that are most exposed to the sun.

Whenever someone leaves that room, make sure that they close the curtains to prevent sunlight from warming up the room.

In Closing

There’s nothing more brutal than a desert summer and Nevada electricians know this all too well. Many of these tips are unconventional but will legitimately prevent thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.