July 22, 2024

New York City is much like other major metropolises in that the cost of living is high, but there are ways to find affordable, in many cases cheaper, goods and services. Whether it is the flea market, bazaars, and just your garden variety street market, New Yorkers clean up easily because the prices are so rock bottom. Even office space can be found at a serious discount, and yes, in a city characterized by soaring commercial real estate.

Of the many incarnations of the modern office in NYC, the coworking space offers professionals a diverse array of options in workspaces, and because one of the concepts behind this shared space plan is to save money, professionals can drastically reduce their overhead. In the case of NYC office rents, they can reduce their overhead by several thousand dollars, but finding a space that is affordable takes a little work.

Keep reading to learn about how to find an affordable coworking space in one of the US’s most exciting cities to live and work.

Location Is Important

While coworking spaces tend to be less expensive, their locations do impact the cost to join a space. In usual fashion, spaces in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue or closer into the Financial District, or FiDi, will command higher prices. When seeking affordable coworking space in NY – Servcorp US – has prices that are less than $1,000 dollars a month. At the other extreme, Brooklyn has coworking houses that are less than $500 a month. Location does impact the price of the space, so if you are looking to spend a certain amount, pay attention to this when searching for space.

Consider Going With The Basics

Another way to reduce the coworking costs is to pare down your amenities. There are some very basic coworking communities that offer professionals workspace and a great Wi-Fi connection. Not much on bells and whistles, these spaces can provide you with a distraction-free environment. Typically, the more amenities you add to the list of amenities in the coworking space the higher the monthly rate is going to be. Keeping it simple in this case can pare down your overheads by a few thousand a years.

Consider Free Coworking Spaces

There are public spaces in and around NYC that are also doubling as co-working spaces. No, these spaces are not being occupied by rogue coworking professionals trying to take advantage of free space. These spaces are usually in lobbies or lounges with some actually being rooms that have adequate outlets, great Wi-Fi, and a very open floor plan. NYC has about 11 of these spaces, and on any given day, you can find hordes of professionals working in these spaces.

Surf The Web

Coworking wikis are becoming popular in the city, and these spaces allow freelancers to collaborate online. While there is a fee for owning a space for a day, for a drop-in rate, or for the number of visits in a month, freelancers can collaborate online. Furthermore, they can get information on affordable co-working spaces in the city.

Go With A Serviced Office

The serviced office tends to be a little less expensive, and while the amenities are standard, the plan offers businesses a lot more in terms of value. For one, these spaces are usually located in premium office locations around the city, as in the case of Servcorp’s World Trade Center offices. Then, they allow professionals to work in offices in locations around the country, and the world if available.

Affordable Coworking In NYC

In a city that has something for everyone, NYC’s coworking space landscape has space for just about every budget. Prospective coworking professionals have a lot of choice in spaces, whether the locations change or you are using some alternative space. Ultimately, though, the workspace can be found inexpensively in a place where location drastically affects the cost of office space.