June 24, 2024

The reality is, there are lots of people playing online poker to make money. There is nothing wrong with it. One of the best ways to earn around $1,000 each month playing online poker is to start playing at low stakes. You must play at least NL25 or NL10. Stick to an aggressive or tight strategy so you are table selecting. If you are doing this, then it is possible for you to make $1,000 each month with online poker.

However, this is not as easy as it is today. You need to be hard-working, disciplined, and employ the right strategy. You must check your bankroll, tilt, table selection, and other factors. As such, here is the game plan on how you can exactly earn with online poker:

Learn How to Play With Low Stakes

Learn how to play agen poker with low stakes games or the micros. These are the stakes which you can start as little as $2. Indeed, this is the best places for you to begin your online poker journey and gradually turn it into something profitable in the end.

In the past 5 to 10 years, the games have tightened and the win-rates have dropped. Such is the reason why it is extremely difficult to earn around $1,000 per month in the games. However, anything is possible if you want to hit that mark. For instance, you can wager a huge amount of money at NL2 to hit those $1,000 earnings per month. However, this will cost you to lock yourself in your room for the whole month, have zero social life, and spend most of your time playing. This can be doable for some and not exactly for others.

Play the NL10 or NL25

To hit those $1,000 earnings per month, you have to play higher stakes nowadays. Play at NL10 to win 100 buy-ins in the first month. Such is not impossible for a top gamer who plays heavy volumes at these stakes. And while you can begin a rake back on the side with the limits given, things will become easier for you.

Still, this is not possible for some people. NL10 is not an easy job these days. Moreover, most people don’t attempt the multi-table for few hours each day as per required.

Thus, NL25 is the first stake where you can possibly make $1,000 per month while playing online poker. With this game, it has $25 buy-in. You only need to have 40 buy-ins to make a thousand profit. With this, you only need to win for one buy-in per day. This is indeed doable for all the solid winners in this game.

 Have an Aggressive and Tight Strategy

Now, you must be wondering about how you should play your cards? The best strategy for the stakes that you have is called as the ‘tag’. This is the best playstyle for making money in the microgames agen poker. With this, you must be selective on hands to play for the game. Thus, you should think about poker similar to playing the chess game.