June 24, 2024

Despite being a somewhat new concept in India, adventure tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the country. Earlier people would travel mostly to visit their hometowns or to spend a relaxing time with family. Millennials and Gen Zers have changed all that! They love to travel and want to pack their holidays with different experiences.

Among the most popular adventure sports in India is river rafting. Thanks to the abundance of rivers and water bodies across the country, there are many destinations to choose from. White water river rafting in Himachal Pradesh, especially in Manali, can be exhilarating as the waters flow down picturesque mountain ranges.

If you’re planning a rafting trip for the first time, get ready to feel an adrenaline rush like never before! At the same time, it’s important to be safe. So, here are a few things you can do to ensure your first river rafting experience is simply wonderful.

Choose the Easy or Moderate Route

Don’t try to be a hero the first time you step into a raft! The tours are typically categorized as easy, moderate, difficult and extremely difficult. This is based on various factors, including the size and frequency of the rapids and speed of the river.

Rivers originating from the Himachal glacial valleys can decent very swiftly. Also, given the rocks and boulders, the rapids can be extremely forceful. Yes, these are the things that make white water rafting so exciting, but it’s best for beginners to choose an easy route.

Get the Necessary Information

Find out the following:

  • Best time of year for river rafting in Himachal
  • Weather details, so you can pack the right clothing
  • Whether the route allows kids for some of the stretch

Make Sure You Have Packed Everything

Here are a few things you must carry on your white water rafting trip.

  • Wear a t-shirt with swimming trunks or shorts. Prepare for your clothes to get wet.
  • Footwear can be tennis shoes, flat sandals, crocs or water floaters. Avoid flipflops and heals.
  • Remember to carry a towel for after rafting. You may even consider changing into dry clothes.
  • Sunscreen, if you have sensitive skin.

Remember to take off your watch, earrings or any loose item you may have on you. You won’t be allowed to carry your wallet or handbag into the raft.

Warm Up Before You Begin

It’s a good idea to warm your muscles with a 5-minute workout. Stretch your arms up and move them across your body. Try to hold each stretch for about 90 seconds.

What to Do If You Fall into the Water

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to swim against the river. This is especially true for river rafting in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. If you fall into the water, remember to keep holding onto your oar. This will be the best way for your teammates to pull you back into the raft. Keep lying on your back, as this will allow you to be aware of your surroundings and your feet can help you steer clear of any rocks in your path.

Most importantly, this sport is a lot of fun, but pay close attention to the commands being given by your guide. Happy rafting!