May 28, 2024

Jordan, whose official name is elementarily the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has a long privileged history that it shares with the rest of the world. The place is the home to the ancient archaeological city of Petra that has claimed its place in UNESCO’s list of Seven Wonders of the World. Besides that, the final scenes of Indiana Jones were also filmed at Petra. Don’t you think that you should give Private Jordan tours a shot or else you are going to regret forever and ever?

Facts that might be captivating

Though Jordan was a major trading capital from BC to AD, it did experience a periodic fall as well, but this was until a Swiss explorer discovered the city of Petra in the year 1812 and named it as the lost city.

If you are a fan of adventurous Hollywood movies, then Petra can be your one-stop destination because movies like Indiana Jones and The Mummies are filmed here. One more interesting fact about the city is that though the place was believed to be a desert, the Nabateans were believed to grow gardens in the area.

It is believed that the Nabateans built this city and the place turns into a breathtaking hue of red-pink during sunrise and sunset that gives the place an amazing look. The city was known to be built in 312 BC and so is also called the oldest city in existence so private tours that can take you closer to the ancient civilization of Petra can be surely a good investment of your travel funds.

What can be more interesting?

For people who have a fascinating soft spot for history, Petra is a place of their dreams. Private Jordan Tours can show you the signs of earthquakes that the city experienced between 1BC and 8AD and that led to the destruction of almost half of the city.

There are these royal tombs and temples that can captivate any traveler from any part of the world. The place is an ideal example of how the ruins of history can stand firm among us if we leave the paths untraded.

You can’t stop yourself from appreciating the scintillating beauty of the towns and can be simply lost in the enchanting aura of the place that takes you straight into the book of Arabian Nights? So did you book your trip yet?

Winding Up

Jordan can always be those of the mesmerizing places that can evoke a deep sense of awe and wonder in your hearts. Make sure to find the best travel agency, and the memories of this trip will always be engraved in your minds. So board the first flight that you get and get ready to discover the ancient world of Jordan in your Private Jordan Trip. Jordan can be one of the best tourist destinations, but only if you pre-plan everything. Don’t save everything for the eleventh hour and book your tour now!