July 20, 2024

There are many misconceptions concerning the client and escort relationships. Most of the people believe that clients are men who have no respect for women, and thus by dominating escorts they fulfill their dark desires. Well, this is absolutely wrong. In fact, most of the clients are normal men with normal jobs and families. They probably date escorts to release some stress and frustration which they deal with on day to day basis.

They, in fact, have no intention to dominate the escorts, but just need a good listener who can understand without being judgmental. Here we have mentioned a few myths concerning the escort – client relationship. Just go through them, and remember them just like what they are – Myths.

Myths about escort-client relationships

For clients, escorts are mere objects:

Well, no wonder clients hire escorts from Lovesita.com to fulfill their unusual sexual fantasies, but that doesn’t mean they treat them like objects. As a matter of fact, when clients get close to a particular escort, they develop a sense of respect and affection for them.

They are failing to get a real date:

People assume that those who can’t get a real date or girlfriend, turn to escorts. However, as a matter of fact, most men who hire escorts are absolutely normal and can get a real date whenever they want, but they probably are just too busy to handle a relationship. This is the reason why they turn to escorts, as they know they will get the intimacy they want with no obligation of being in a relationship.

No real emotions are involved:

Well, all of us have heard about the true stories where clients fall in love with escorts. The thing is, this is never the ultimate goal of an escort girl, but there is always a possibility. Clients who hire escorts frequently, develop strong feelings for them over a period of time.

Clients are only after sexy escorts:

No wonder looks to play a major role in the escorting industry, but that is not what it is all about. There are several clients who love hiring escorts who can connect with them, rather than the ones who are physically appealing.

Clients only want sex:

There are many reasons for which clients hire escorts, and sex is just one of them, but not the only one. Many clients hire escorts because they want someone to whom they can talk about what’s going on in their lives. Also, they need someone to make them feel good about themselves, and nothing more.

Clients use escorts:

Escorts are normal human beings and they crave attention and sex too. She loves the attention that she gets throughout the date, and the desire she sees in her client’s eyes and actions pleases her. Also, when it is about sharing a bed, the client is not the only one who enjoys intimacy, but the escort is having a good time as well.

Well, there you go. Every myth mentioned above clears one thing – people have very narrow thinking when it comes to client-escort relationship. No one wants to accept that it’s a mutual thing and both the parties have equal fun when they are together.