September 24, 2023

Organisational Change Management in the simple term refers to a structure, that takes place in an organisation with the aim of effecting changes. There are a lot of business changes pertaining to Organisational Change Management, and this depends on the type of organisation we are referring to.

Organisational Change Management is needed, to stay in touch with the evolvement of the business in various aspects like technology, economic advancement and being updated with global practices. With Organisational Change Management, the organisation will not be left behind by competitors in the same niche.

Another important reason for undergoing Organisational Change Management is, trying to change the activities of the company to be less predictable. In the corporate world today, the churn rate is high, employees join and leave jobs at a rapid rate especially when they get better offers. The truth is, when an employee leaves an organisation, they leave with important information and knowledge of how the organisation runs its operation. Organisational Change Management can help the company stay ahead and become less predictable even with this information.

As smooth as Organisational Change Management sounds, it is a complicated process because as always transitions aren’t easy. If details of the process are paid attention to properly, the Organisational Change Management will definitely be very effective.

What are the details of Organisational Change Management that an organisation has to pay attention to, in order to have a smooth transition phase?

Clarify the Changes to be Made and how it Relates to Business Operations of the Organisation

This is the first step to ensuring a smooth transitional phase. The organisation has to state in clear terms what changes will be made to the business operation as well as the financial implications that it will have on the business. The basic self-assessment question to ask at the beginning of Organisational Change Management is what changes the organisation are looking at exactly, and the implication will have on the company’s business because this is the ultimate goal of every organisation. When a clear understanding of this is ensured, then Organisational Change Management is more likely to be effective.

Will the Changes Affect Some Particular Employees or Operations?

After clarifying the changes, the next thing to know is, if the changes will affect some departments in the organisation, or change the operations of the organisation in some departments. Having knowledge of this will help the organisation know if they will have to put some of the employees under special training to make adaptation to the changes easy for them.  Neglecting this process of Organisational Change Management means that there will be a huge gap to fill after this transition. It will also help the organisation know if there can be other optional changes to undergo that won’t affect as many staffs or operations.

Communication is Important in Organisational Change Management

Communication is very key when undergoing Organisational Change Management. The management or organisation must carry all and sundry along throughout the whole procedure. There must be a way of updating everyone regularly on the changes that are taking place in the business. The communication must also be very effective with important information. Most especially, communicate regularly with those that will be affected by the changes and if a possible request for feedback. Note that for the effective transition of Organisational Change Management, teamwork is very important.

Clearly Explain the Form of Training if There Will Be Any

Once it has been ascertained that there will be operational changes in some departments, the type of training should be made known to those affected. There are various training methods for this purpose, it could be online training, a face to face method, or training them on-the-job method. It is left for the organisation to determine the best method based on the departments and the staffs that are involved. Also, there should be a way to assess the staffs to make sure that they synch into the transitional phase without any form of challenge.

Evaluate the Organisational Change Management

As the business is gradually transiting, you should make a frequent evaluation of the changes, and state clearly the impact it has on the business and the staffs (through feedback). It is imperative to also be realistic and make sure that there is a positive impact of the change. Evaluation of the change will make you know if the transition phase was successful, and if the change helped to achieve the business goal, the organisation is aiming for. Also, the evaluation will make you know if there are other changes to be made.

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