May 25, 2024

Using your smartphone and internet connection, you can make any kind of payment online today. Whether you are at home, office, at a party or traveling, as long as you have these two entities, you are empowered to make payments for any kind of service anytime. But what if you get some incentives to make the TSSPDCL bill payments from certain platforms – what will you choose to do?

TSSPDCL payments can be done using the official brand website of Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd. or a website or App of a payment aggregator like that of Paytm, MobiKwik, and PhonePe. What is imperative that consumers make the right choice in making online bill payments!

How can choosing the aggregators can help?

There are plenty of ways that you can stand to benefit by choosing the right aggregator for making TSSPDCL payments. Some of the ways are:-

  1. Resellers often provide customers with various cash-back offers and promotional deals that enable customers to save money on their online payments.
  2. Resellers act as a one-stop platform for conducting various types of transactions. They are associated with different service providers and hence can facilitate payments against different entities. You can use a single platform to make payments for your utilities as well as recharge your mobile connections. You can shop online, as well as order food online from the same platform. You can book movie tickets and book a hotel room using an online reseller site or App. You can literally conduct as many transactions as possible from a single reseller platform, limited only by your time, and of course, the services that the reseller offers from his platform.
  3. Most leading resellers today offer their registered customers the option of using their e-wallets that is slowly becoming one of the most preferred ways of making online payments, including TSSPDCL bill payments. This is simply because of two reasons – first, you can use your digital wallet to pay for online as well as offline transactions; and second, it is much safer than using a credit card, a debit card or Netbanking.

How is online TSSPDCL payment better than paying offline?

When the internet was unheard of – those were the days when men and women needed to take leaves and half-days from work to stand in serpentine queues outside the electricity counters nearby, for hours and endlessly. State boards back then required lots of time to manually accept payments and then write out the receipt and handover the same to the consumer. This way the queues would move at a very slow pace which meant a delay in other work that was lined up by individuals, at an office or back home. It also meant traveling by local transport and/or private vehicles to reach the branch office and the weather conditions most often were not that friendly and affable. Hence when you sit down to make online TPSSDCL payments from the comfort of the indoors today, that gets over in minutes, you need to be thankful for the internet and your smartphone for the convenience and ease!