May 18, 2024

Pencil Skill Programme - Specially Crafted For Young Minds

We all know what a struggle it is to teach children how to hold and write with a pencil. It takes a lot of patience and the whole process can be somewhat overwhelming for parents as well as educators. Kids start to learn and observe little things from the very beginning, they would copy and imitate their family members. As pencil is a huge part of any kid’s growth and development, it is important for parents and educators to plan and strategise their use appropriately. As children need to pay more attention to the patterns and gripping of pencils, it is the responsibility of parents to make this process fun and exciting.

As children grow and progress, they feel more confident while studying and learning with pen and pencil. It starts at an early age in children by drawing lines and shapes. They become comfortable and start enjoying the whole process. There are things that a parent should keep in mind like the proper posture of the kid while writing, the grip of the pencil as it would affect their handwriting and making sure that the kid is facing towards the board only.

Pencil Skill Programme At Kumon

At Kumon, we understand that every child is unique and has different grasping power. Therefore, instructors at Kumon make sure that every child is given their own time to learn and progress. We have specially curated programmes based on the capabilities of each child. One amongst many other programmes is the “Pencil Skill Programme”.

This programme solely focuses on improving the skills of the child to learn to use and write with a pencil. The grip, way of holding the pencil, pressure to be used while writing, all of this matters when it comes to a kid’s early days with a pencil. In the long run, these skills also impact the handwriting of the child. And for this very reason, Pencil Skill Programme at Kumon is specially designed to enhance each of these skills.

Introducing To Pencil Skills At Kumon

The Pencil skill programme is curated in a way that eventually it helps in the development of numeracy and literacy skills. The programme is divided into two levels:

  • ZI
  • ZII

These levels are based on the learning and grasping power of the child, focusing on improving the pencil skills through different activities. Some of these activities are line drawing (straight, standing, sleeping, slanting, curve, etc), connecting dots to create letters and patterns etc. These exercises help the kids to learn:

  • How to hold the pencil correctly
  • Have a stronger grip on the pencil
  • Use the required pressure to write
  • And eventually, form letters and patterns

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, the Pencil Skill Programme at Kumon is also designed to introduce the children to early reading skills. This activity is done using colourful illustrations and worksheets, designed based on the capabilities of each child. These activities help the children to connect with words while at the same time learning to write and read them.

Handwriting is a complex yet fun task when it comes to teaching your kids, before they know how to write and draw, the first step is to make them comfortable around it. We at Kumon, help children at every step of their future building process by rewarding them with a lifetime experience with numbers and alphabets. We help them build their confidence and boost their self-esteem. Enrol your kid into Kumon Programmes and visit our website for more information.