June 24, 2024

Humans are sensitive about their age. They always desire to look young and keep on trying various methods to maintain their collagen level. Currently, GHK Cu has been gaining a lot of popularity because of its powerful anti-aging effects, when added to serums and creams. However, it has multiple other health benefits according to research.

What is GHK Cu?

GHK Cu is a tripeptide that stands for Glycl-L-histidyl-Llysine and binds with copper so the Cu. When your body gets injured, it produces and releases GHK-Cu that increases the process of healing and regeneration. It is also found in collagen, a main connective tissue protein.

According to a study, GHK promotes cell production that forms the extracellular matrix. Besides, collagen the cells also comprise of glycosaminoglycans and decorin. The former prevents damaged protein buildup and breakdown of excessive protein in the injured tissue site.

It effectively works towards anti-aging and is also popular as a gene regulator. GHK molecularly interacts with certain genes. It either activates or deactivates them.

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GHK-Cu properties

  • Offers a clear, firm, and smooth skin
  • Reverses aged skin thinning
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles depth
  • Lessens hyperpigmentation and spots on the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory & free radical damage
  • Protects skin from UV radiation
  • Promotes the healing of wounds
  • Improves hair growth and volume

Benefits of GHK-Cu peptide

Skin regeneration

GHK-Cu tripeptide has proved to enhance your body’s capacity for renewal. It prevents damaging protein buildup and excessive proteolysis. It works in skin regeneration by smoothing the wrinkles and tightening the weakened skin foundation, thus enhancing its appearance.

Blood vessel & nerve growth

Blood vessels along with nerve growth are crucial for wound healing and skin regeneration processes. It is because the cells get the necessary oxygen and nutrients from the blood. Studies reported that GHK and relevant peptides stimulate new blood vessels in the initial stages of the healing process. It is even seen that GHK-Cu promotes nerve growth factor as well as nerve regeneration.

Wound healing

When people grow old many regenerative activities slow down or completely stop. However, using GHK-Cu peptide therapy the antioxidant enzymes get increased, which also speeds the growth of tissue. In an animal trial, the copper peptide has proved in promoting high GHS levels and even enhancing fibroblasts and collagen for speeding the wound healing process.

Reduces anxiety and pain

A low dosage of GHK-Cu can help to raise pain tolerance levels and reduce anxiety and aggression. According to researchers, it doesn’t matter if you use topical instead of injectables to enjoy these benefits.

Increase hair growth

Who doesn’t want long, thick, and luscious hair? It doesn’t matter if you are male or female – hair is important to look beautiful and smart. It is a sign of health and youth. People are always using hair products for better growth and shine. Trials associated with hair loss in men have revealed that GHK-Cu is an effective hair growth treatment. It enhances thinning hair as well as strengthens the hair follicles.

Promotes gut health

A recent study has reported that GHK-Cu has positive benefits on gut-health. It is capable of protecting the digestive system and gut. It heals intestinal ulcers, blocks the development of stomach ulcers, and reduces intestinal inflammation.

Acute lung injury

ALI is a severe inflammation that causes tissue injury. If ignored, ALI can transform into acute respiratory distress syndrome. You can find difficulty in breathing or struggle with hypoxemia or lung edema. In an animal trial, GHK-Cu counteracted the excessive infiltration of neutrophils in the lungs, thus eliminating the harmful effect.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Airway inflammation, bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma are kinds of chronic lung disease or COPD. It is a condition that needs lifelong medication to lessen the attack frequency. GHK-Cu is a gene regulator, so it can activate different pathways and reverse the gene expression in COPD patients.

NOTE: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Peptides are for laboratory research purposes only and not for human consumption.