June 5, 2023

When did you last inspect your ducted system? Did you know that a blocked air duct is one of the main causes of high energy bills? This is because the proper circulation of air is impeded, making the system work harder. In addition to using more energy, your system will also be blowing out dust, allergens and other pollutants. Not only is it important for asthmatic people to breathe in clean air, but it’s important for everyone else too. Anyone can be profoundly affected by dust particles in the air when breathing is made difficult.

However, cleaning ducts yourself can be a difficult task, and it also requires the use of the right tools. Fortunately, experienced duct cleaners can ensure excellent clean, but you have to consider various factors when choosing a company. For instance, if you live in Melbourne, you should find companies offering services for duct cleaning in Melbourne. Continue reading to learn some good
questions to ask a duct cleaning company before engaging their services.

What Chemicals Do You Use?

The purpose of cleaning ducts is to protect residents from harmful pollutants trapped in their ducts. The process can involve the application of various chemicals to prevent the growth of molds. Find out which chemicals a company uses and make sure they won’t cause your family any harm.

What Safety Measures Do You Take to Protect the Property?

As mentioned above, cleaning ducts can involve the use of chemicals. These chemicals could come into contact with your house walls and furniture. However, an experienced duct cleaner will use plastic to protect the interior of your house from any chemicals. Ask the cleaning technician about the safety measures they apply to ensure they leave your house pristine without leaving behind trails of chemicals or causing damage to your furnishings.

What Are Your Costs?

When you’re looking at different companies for duct cleaning in Melbourne, you’ll notice that some prices are lower than others. However, these prices might not be comprehensive. Make sure you ask each company for an outline of all their charges. You also shouldn’t settle for a company that offers the lowest cost, as they’ll likely have hidden fees or provide sub-par service.

What Experience Do You Have?

A duct cleaning company that has been doing business for a long time will be better at their job. It means the technicians will be more experienced and will be able to clean ducts efficiently. You can rest assured that when you hire an experienced duct cleaning company, you can enjoy ducts cleaned to the highest standard. Many experienced companies also offer guarantees for their work.

Will You Clean the Whole Duct System?

When you hire a company for duct cleaning in Melbourne, ask whether they will clean the whole system. A duct system can consist of supply and return air ducts, a register, and a furnace. An experienced duct technician should be able to clean the entire system.

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