September 26, 2023

CBD Hemp Flower Tips You Must-Know — How do Terpenes Contribute to CBD Products?

If you are familiar with the hemp community along with all the products it represents, you know the term “terpenes” and you probably know a lot more than that. But the big question is how do they contribute to the CBD experience whether you are talking about the effects of smoking, dry vaping, using the lotions, etc?  As time moves on and more and more research is done on CBD, the scientist and researchers are discovering that terpenes really do have an more integral part than previously noted.

They are aromatic organic compounds not unique to the hemp plant. Terpenes are the largest group of phytochemical compounds. They each have a distinct aroma and perhaps that is what they are best known for but they have something else as well. Some CBD hemp flower tips you must know are that terpenes have therapeutic benefits as well and significant benefits when they work in tandem with cannabinoids.

One of the terpenes, Caryophyllene, works directly with your Endocannabinoid System for additional health benefits like antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

CBD Hemp Flower Tips You Must-Know – How Do Hemp Strains Originate?

We are not celebrating the birth of hemp because it is one of the oldest crops cultivated from ancient times. But it has been illegal for many years as law makers misunderstood that hemp is cannabis, but it is not marijuana. Now since the 2018 Farm Bill, the cultivators have been set free to crossbreed and create new hemp strains.

The CBD hemp flower tips you must know are that strains created will bear resemblance to its parents but with even stronger CBD, terpenes, savors, and aromas. The cultivator generally crossbreeds to create the effects they want most and that they believe will be most desirable to the hemp community. It will do well for you to study up on the strain before your purchase to find the one closest to your “druthers”.

High CBD is the desirable content so breeders with cross one high CBD hemp strain with another high CBD hemp strain to achieve an even higher CBD content in a strain. Now CBG is a cannabinoid rising to the top of desirability so breeders are attempting to create strains which are high in CBG with minimizing other cannabinoids.

CBD Hemp Flower Tips You Must-Know – Why Buy CBD Hemp Flower?

There is one thing for sure – CBD hemp bud must always be on your shopping list. There are so many delectable edibles using CBD including goodies to your poolside party as well as hamburgers infused with decarboxylated hemp flowers (insert link).  And did you know you can infuse tea and hot chocolate with CBD?  You need to keep your pantry stocked with CBD hemp flower and CBD oil for all those holiday parties (insert where you can surprise your guests with exceptional food infused with healthy CBD.

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