July 19, 2024

Organizing a move to Toronto, especially if you’re not already a citizen of Canada, can be a challenge. However, you can get through the process easier if you have an immigration consultant helping you with the process. There are several reasons you should contact a consultation when it comes to immigration, so here are some scenarios to keep in mind that will help you complete your immigration paperwork efficiently.

Going to School

If you’re coming to Toronto because you want to attend college or university but aren’t a Canadian citizen, you’ll need to obtain a visa. This means that an immigration consultant should help you properly fill out the paperwork and get ready for your visa interview. You’ll need to let the immigration office know which school you’re going to attend and whether you’ve been accepted into the school yet. You may also have to provide the immigration office with information about the major you’ll be studying and how long you plan to spend in school. For instance, if you’re getting a four-year degree, you should let the immigration office know that you’ll stay in Canada for a little over four years in case you need to take care of other school-related issues after graduation. It’s also a good idea to request that you stay after graduation in case you’re offered a job once your studies are complete. Be sure to ask your immigration consultant about how to renew your visa before the visa expires so there won’t be spans of time when you’re in the country unauthorized.

Starting A New Job

You may also need to work with an immigration consultant if you’re starting a new job in Toronto. The immigration department will likely ask for documentation that you’ve received a job offer from a company in Toronto. The job offer may also dictate how long your job will be and the role you’ll have in the company. Your consultant will likely give you tips for how to extend your visa if you get a promotion or move to another company so you can continue to remain in the country legally.

Getting Married

Some people move to Toronto because their fiancé is a resident of the city. If you’re not from Toronto and want to settle there once you get married, this is another reason that you may want to work with an immigration consultant. This is necessary if you’re getting married in Toronto and will be living there permanently. Your consultant may ask you to provide proof of whether you’ll be working or going to school in the city once you get married. If you have children that will also be moving with you, they will need to be properly documented as well, and your consultant can help with this.

Moving Closer to Family

Finally, an immigration consultant is necessary if you’re moving to Toronto to be closer to your family. If your husband or wife has already moved to the city and you’re joining him/her, your documentation can be organized efficiently by a consultant. You may also be moving in with relatives while you complete school, so be sure to let your consultant know this as well. You and your family members may have to undergo interviews to complete your immigration process. Your immigration consultant will prepare you for these interviews so that you can provide honest and detailed answers.