June 25, 2024

Wallpapers have slowly gone out of style since the beginning of the 1900s. It used to be the go-to way to decorate a wall but since it was costly and took time to put up the trend for almost one hundred years have been towards painting walls, but this is finally changing.

Wallpaper has been updated a lot in the last few decades and modern wallpaper is easy to put up, resistant to water and spills and has come down in price compared to the wallpapers of yesteryear.

The colors and patterns

The first thing that should be considered is the colors today the market is filled with everything from classic patterns that would fit right into a scene from “Gone with the wind”, solid bold colors, smooth and buttery pastels, and even real photographs from a cellphone or Instagram account can be ordered as wallpaper.

One thing to consider is that if one wants patterns it will take more time to put up the wallpaper since the patterns will have to be matched row by row when put up this means that it will also cost more to have a contractor put it up or if deciding to put it up without a contractor more time will have to be set aside.

All about the texture

Since the 70’s textured wallpaper has been a thing but once the 80’s hit it quickly went out of style but now in the late 2010’s and continuing into the 2020’s it is making a strong comeback and this time it is not just woven wallpaper the textures are more sophisticated and ranges from wood, wool and even marble wallpaper all can be ordered and even standing real close to a marble wallpaper it can be hard to tell if it is real marble or wallpaper the technology for making these textures have gotten much more sophisticated the last thirty years.

Change it up a bit

Often people tend to pick out one wallpaper for whatever room they are remodeling but this is not always the ideal way of doing it. Consider breaking it up by buying two different wallpapers and having one wall be completely different compared to the rest of the room. This gives more dimensions to the room and it will feel more exciting. Combine this with how the furniture is placed, for example, a solid wallpaper by the wall that hosts the bed in a bedroom.


Although wallpapers have been seen as outdated, cumbersome to put up and sometimes even unattractive a lot of progress has been made in the wallpaper world and today one can find wallpaper for any occasion ranging from crazy wallpapers with Instagram photos, solid classic colors, or fake marble anything and everything can be had.

Wallpapers are also much, much easier to put up which keeps contractor cost down or even eliminated if deciding to put up the wallpaper with no contract present. These days wallpaper will not crumble if misplaced and they are stronger and more resistant meaning as long as the glue is not completely dry one can pull off the wallpaper and rearrange it should it be not perfectly lined up.

Finally, they have also come down in price and what was once a luxury alternative to paint can now be about the same price per square foot.

All of these things have happened thanks to astonishing progress in the wallpaper industry and it means it is time to rediscover this beautiful and elegant way of dressing the walls.